Hello everybodeee! I’m so psycho today coz on Friday my family and I are going to Pulau Pangkor !!!! weheheeee~ so thrilled. Uncle Lan and Mommy also coming too :D but I’m afraid it’d tons of people on the beach. Gahh! me no likey! Oh,yeah..and guess what. My stepfather also coming. Yippee –actually I’m not glad ‘bout that-  -__- sheeshh..oh,well.

But, I’d be awesome and chaotic if Abg Jiji were here. I really misses him so muucchh ! I think, this family vacation will be not-awesome if my stepdad came along. Gahhh ! why is he coming ??! why?! Nevermind lah. I promised to myself that I would be kurang-hassam with him… sheesh -_- It’s so not-me!

Btw, my blogger background and also the cursor looked totally cute! Cantik kan?? Kehkehkeh…oh please god! Tolonglah!! Jgn bgi family vacation ni sucks! 

uhh…that’s all for today. Bye :>

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