Jamuan Akhir Tahun Pemimpin Pelajar 2011

hyep! aliah ni. Cerite ni dah lme dh..it happened one week ago. Tpi nk citer jgk sbb dh penat2 wt blog.. harharhar. (xlwk pon) -_-

jamuan ni buat mase hri rabu..xsilap aq 2 Nov. Diadakn di Heritage Hotel-which is friggin' awesome. Sufi hntr aq ngn Muba gi sne. OMG. The place was very gorgeous and beautiful. Mse tu sume orng pkai bju kurung. Mine is blue,-as usual-Sufi lak warne kuning..she looks very stunning during that day ^^. Muba pulak warne biru with a white print flower on it. Pkai selendang warne purple. Cunn !! After that, kitorng ikut la akk2 form 2. Kitorng naik lift, pi tingkat 2. [Tmpt kitorng nk mkn2]. Dh smpai tingkt 2 i was like: WHOA!! cantik gle nk mam !! the fisrt form-one student i met was intan. And then kitorng jumpe kak Laila-she was cute though ;)). And then, after a few minutes, Aina, Syahadah ngn Liyana dh smpai. They were very stunning. Here's the pic. I took it right after we registered our names. Then we got ourselves a free keychains..yeppy ! :D

oh,look..domo kun~harhar

We went to the dining room which is called Coffee House i guess. Ade kolam ikan, air terjun, pentas, ngn tmpt vip. Amazing,man! and there was a huge window that imagine i could jump out of it. Hahahah. Anyway, we took our seats. Mse tu Puteri ngn Shafahwani pon ade..and also Iqa. We sat together and wait for the announcement. I felt like i was nominated for the Mtv Awards [woi, dlm mimpi ko lah! :))] guess what..ade Cikgu Sharifudin~ ! i really miss that teacher. Cikgu2 yg dtng mse tu cikgu zanariah,guru besar, cikgu azlina, cikgu hasni, cikgu fatimah, cikgu fateha, ngn lain2. I can't remember it. Guru besar bgi speeches ngn pesanan. I didn't give much attention on that... oh well. Oh, here's the pics i took before the speeches started.


cehh,aina..gadis melayu :D

After that, makan!! ade buffet~. There were rice and laksa. But liyana,sufi and i choose laksa which is hot !! Then, i ate tuna sandwiches with a mushroom soups on it. Kinda weird but it taste awesome! And then, sufi and i ate some deserts which is puddings and vanilla cake. So sweet,man! Here's the pic during eating. Tpi aq amik satu jew..:/

Liyana eating laksa..wohohooo~

After makan2..mse utk main permainan-cabutan bertuah! permainan dye senang jew. Mse dpt keychain tu, ade nombor kt belakang. Mine is 76. but not lucky at all. Kwn2 aq yg dpt cume Muba, Wani, Puteri, ngn Iqa. Ughh,, jelesnye =.='' abg Safwan bertuah gile sbb dpt hamper yg besar punya ! ciisss~ -_-'
Lps permainan cabutan bertuah, ade percalonan utk pengaweh2. HAHA. It was mayhem! kak Laila nominated for Pengawas Paling Garang-abg ikhmal pnggil dye singa betina..harhar. Abg Raja pulak nominated for Pengawas Paling Ceria-huh, dh la spm nk dkt,, xsedar diri lgi..hahah! Jejaka idaman SMKRS ialah..jeng,jeng,jeng..Abg Madros Adha ! wah~ congrtas2 :D

Pastu, ade permainan hadiah beracun kot,,diorng kne pas2 hadiah tu kt member diorng. Lgu dh berhenti, siapa yg dpt hadiah tu, diorng kne bace aktiviti yg diorng kne wt. Abg Madros kn kne menjerit mcm tarzan smpai gajah dtng. HAHAHAH !! mse tu abg mad pndang ats. Pastu rmai orng pndang ats..-nk tunggu gajah la kot..ahahah !! apelah!

me-wearing blue bju kurung- eating while laughing. Beside me is Sufi ^^

The most saddest part-balikk :(( some pics i took lps balik...i took it infront of the hotel..

                                      amik gnbaq kt air terjun..hohoh..Syahadah2 :DD

adeeii..comey bdk dua orng ni..

sufiyatul and liyana..dua2 pengaweh koop..



me and liyana :))


ini mse aq terlps ckp kt diorng. Aq ckp: aku bukan balachi hng..ketawe tros ! harharhar!!


me and aina :))

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