2 Weeks Left -.-


Annyeonghaseyo everybodeee ! Heh. Dah lama aku tak bukak belog nih. Yela, 'cuz I have nothing to post. But last week I've had post pictures on facebook. It was about my papercraft. Then I went see a movie which is Life Of Pi. Omg, it was EPIC. And aku malas nak story-mory kat sini. Maalaaassss. 

Anyway, on Tuesday Mubasyirah and I went to school and we bought books for the next year. Hahaa. Dah lama tak jumpa dia (she was soo cute). After that we hangout and talked about stuffs- Kyopropaganda, Nabil Ifwat <3. Then Sufi,Liyana and Marini joined in our conversation. They talked about their experience during their school field trip in Langkawi. Jeles gilee. -_-

So, today my mom, sis and I did some shopping for the go-back-to-school thingy. Arrghh. Oh mak guard tinggal lagi two weeks ! Time flies so fast when you TOO much enjoying yourself. But after this no more enjoy2 dah bcos next year batch '98 will sit for a big test- PMR. Ok, i don't wanna talk about that. Ngeeh ~

After this i'll post about my 'immortality'. Nak hunting some food in the kitchen. Byee u'olls.

Short Post

Assalamualaikum :)

Oh, rindunya belog aku nih! Dah 2 hari tak buka internet sebab wifi mak cik sebelah cari pasal ngan aku. Hihih. On today's post, I would like to share my animated picture that i've edit on my photoshop. I, Nur Aliah Izzati proudly present...Kepala Manusia Badan Doodle...jeng jeng jeng !

Eyhhh sexy lady..o-o-o oppa gangnam style ! Tehehe. Ok tak? Hurmm. The hands seems not okay though. It doesn't look like a horse riding. Takpe la. I'm a noob. Anyway, I edit the head and the doodled body on photoshop. The animation pulak dekat photoscape. It took 1 hour for me to study the tutorial and 15 minutes to make it. A millions of credits to Apit for showing lots of tutorials about using photoshop. I got the doodle's body from Apit's freebies and the head from my cousin's facebook. His name is abang Wan. Aodyaii, i haven't mention him yet about this. I'll be dead if he saw this picture. 

That's all I wanna share with u'ollls. Sorry kalau grammar aku bersepah macam kacang taugeh. Goodbye and salam..


That Photoshop Addiction


Morning everyone ! Yeahh. Lepas solat subuh terus menghadap depan komputer. Yesterday I had downloaded adobe photoshop cs4. Owwww yes! I felt like a boss sebab dah lama tak main main dengan photoshop. Then I realized that the addiction came back to me 'coz last night I stayed up editing my blog until 2.30 am !

Well it's kinda worth though. So, ok tak my new header and background? Aku dah jemu tengok blogger yang lama and I know it seems a little childish but aku dah memang obsess dengan The Adventure Time :D At first, I put a dark awesome colour as my background but then it seems kinda dull and emo sikit. So aku pakailah background yang cheerful. Walaupun aku ni peminat rock kapak and look deadly and devil on the outside, but on the inside I totally have a soft spot and a huge fan of adorable stuffs. Peliks kan? Hehehe.

By the way, I got the beautiful ramboo ramboo background from this pretty girl.

Adventure Time In Cameron Highland

Assalamualaikum peeps :)

Hey-yo! How are you? I'm arrived safely at home after travelling to Cameron Highland in Pahang. Alhamdulillah. It was the most exciting yet fun adventure ever ! I went there with my mom and my sis. To be honest with you, it was my first time I went there. Selama 14 tahun aku hidup, aku tak pernah jejakkan kaki kat Cameron. Hehehe. 

Before we started our day, we had our breakfast at McDonald's. Aku makan hashbrown je. And it tasted awful. After that, the travel has begun. Ya Allah! Masa nak naik bukit punya lah susah ! Almaklumlah. I'm a type of person who hates sitting in a car for too long that I could throw up. Dah la jalan raya tu banyak selekoh untill I could see a cliff from the top. Then, I thought that we were so going to be like Final Destination. Die in the middle of nowhere. -_- On the way tu, I saw many villages and orang asli. Yes,people. I saw orang asli selling some PETAI and stuffs on the street. It took us 1 hour to reach to the top.

After we reached to the top, we went to some sorta convenient store that has a strawberry farm in it. Besides strawberry plantation, there were also flowers, exotic plants and cafeteria. Yeah man. It was the best. My mom and sis did some plucking strawberries but I didn't. Then we continued our journey to other places. We went to CHOCOLATE store and style diorang ala ala England. Amazing gile. But the chocolates were really expensive. Ye la obviously, tempatnya pon sophisticated. They have some kinda antic stuffs and toys that England used to have like mini-vans, cars and bicycle. 

Then we went to a small town. The place is kinda small than I expected and it was crowded 'cuz lots of people selling fresh vegetables, toys stuffs, food and even clothes. Sayurannye memang fresh2 belaka. Fuhh. My mom bought lots of it sampai bonnet kereta penuh ! My favorite part was when they were selling soft toys. OMG! It was soo fluffy that I wanna die. Tehee ^^. Then we when to another small town. Sama jugak. Crowded and selling green stuffs. We ate grilled corn in a breezy cold weather. Syiok gile masa tu.

Our next journey was went to Tanah Rata. The place was quite interesting. Memandangkan sekarang musim hujan, the temperature was dip as low as 50 degrees I guess. I barely saw anything though. And hotel kat sana berlambak gile ! Style hotel diorang also kinda like English. Then we went to cafeteria untuk isikan perut yang lapaq. Not sophisticated much. Just ate maggie cup je. Then I bought this amazing rock knitwear yang ada gambar skeleton. AWESOME GILE ! I also bought souvenirs for Mubasyirah and Sufi. Aku tak cukup bajet nak belikan untuk orang lain. :/ 

I think this would be the most epic experience that I never had :) That's all I wanna to say here. Sorry kalau aku campur aduk bahasa english and bm. Goodbye u'olls and salam..

p/s: pics will be upload by next week. My mom forgot to bring her cable. 

Nothing To Do

Assalamualaikum everybodeee :)

Good morning, y'alls. Well, I don't have any interesting story to write but I have to keep posting my blog.

Once again. My holidays are sucks. Stuck in home and berlemak jee. Hehe. Never meant to nag, just saying. I've spent my holidays studying for next year, watching tv, and online-ing. "tak main badminton depan rumah keeerr?" Two Three words for you. I'm LAZY FAT-ASS. Malas nak keluar rumah. Gahh !

At least show on tv seems quite interesting. I've spent my time watching How I Met Your Mother. Walaupun episode tu ulang berkali-kali. And I also watched my favourite cartoons. Regular Show and Adventure Time. Teehee ^^ Then I studied Maths and Science. Damn. When I started to recap the chapter, it was soooo hard. Then I asked myself "I used to be an awesome kid." Huh. Kalau buka fesbuk pulak, aku main farmville and pet society, chatting with mah friends, and usha gambar2 at 9gag. 

Yeahh. That's my holiday. Tu je aku nak cerite. Have fun in ur holidays ! (i guess) Goodbye and salam..

HIMYM :) I luv you Robiiinnn !

Movie: Brave

Assalamualaikum and morning :)

"There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it"

It has been 2 days I haven't post anything on my blog. Yes, i admit it. Holiday is sooo boriingg. Since i'm not going anywhere during this holiday, i've decided to purchase Brave movie on astrobest. And..it..was..epic !! The movie was very interesting, awesome, fascinating, and including moral values too. The movie was about a princess name Merida wants to live in freedom and don't wanna get married. The movie IS one of the kind. Totally different when compared to the other princess story (yang gedix2 tu) because this one have a lot of stunts and wars and no kissing or romantic parts :D

This movie ada kaitan sedikit dengan sense of mother and daughter. So, for those who always have a fight between their mom (like me), I recommend you to watch this movie. Movie ni pun sesuai juga for the whole family. Hehe. 

Their characters also seem really realistic and semuanya comel comel especially Merida. She's my favourite character besides her naughty brothers and her dad, King Fergus. Her mom, Queen Elinor reminds me of my mom. Likes to nagging, scolding, semuanya nak perfect, blablabla. But I love my mom though. Furthermore ,movie ni ada campur aduk sikit dengan zaman viking and I think their movie location had inspired from Ireland, Scotland or Uk. And the naturally green background color made the movie effect more stronger and peaceful. 

To be honest, I cried masa last part. Sedih sangat sangat. Dunno how to describe it and this picture will tell you. Really means a lot. 

That's all my review about this movie. Aku tahu movie ni dah lama. But it's kinda worth purchase it at astrobest ^_^ That's all for today. Goodbye and salam..don't forget to study ye ! 

Maal Hijrah 1434

Assalamualikum :) Sekarang ni dah 1 Muharram. Salam Maal Hijrah and selamat tahun baru semuaa. 

Well, the time is now 1.14 am. I should have gone to bed right now. Tapi, hati rasa nak post something. Ok, keep writing. 

This earlier, I watched a breath-taking show on tv9 called "My Journey To Islam". The story was about a British woman told about her experience before she became a Muslim. It was kinda sad story and it really opened my mind. It's hard to say hear. And i learnt a lot of lessons. 

I have to be grateful of everything He gave to me. Walaupun kecil atau besar, kena juga bersyukur. I don't know what to say. I'm speechless right now. I kept thinking about the post that I wrote 2 days ago. I'm sorry if i have been so ungrateful mindless person. I've never meant to brag. It's just that I was too mad about the hangout thingy. I'm supposed to say Alhamdulillah of everything, but what I did was nagging and trash-talked.

Confession: I've always mad at myself of why I have to be soo not pretty. In the other hand, ugly. Sometimes my friends mocks me and they think that i'm delirious. That was really stressful. Tapi sekarang, the word Alhamdulillah makes me realized that  Allah beri rezeki yang aku perlu, bukan yang aku nak. Contoh rezeki tu, ilmu pengetahuan, happiness, and keberkatan hidup. Right now, I have an awesome mom, awesome friends and family. Diorang semua tu anugerah yang Allah bagi.  

So, do apologies me about everything that I've done. Tahun baru ni, aku nak mulakan azam baru. Which is think positively, work hard and study smart for the last batch PMR, and keep it ugly.  

wise word from a wise creature.


Gathering With Friends prt 2


So, janji nak sambung balik kan? Alrighty then.

Like I told you, I felt regret and I promised to myself that if any event has to be related to a food store, i'm sooo not going ! Kalau black pearls hangout, even though related with a food store, aku akan pergi. Sebab diorang sporting, sederhana, and not doing a duck-face while snapping pics. I'm getting used with them. But, with Sufi, Ainin, Farha and Tasya, aku tak biasa. Yela, because i'm the only looser in that gathering. Mereka lawa tapi saya killjoy and metal. If two worlds met, things would get complicated. 

That night, Dinie called me. I told her about the gathering. I felt so relived when talking with her. I felt like lady rainicorn was in my mouth. Heh. 

Ok, yang ni aku cuma nak beritahu sebelum sampai ke penghujung post. Sufi was really different when buat gathering ni. She was like avoiding me. I know, i'm the looser so dia kena jaga reputation dia. And I had to be excited sikit with muthafcuking Korean stuffs so she wouldn't be bored. Sometimes i just felt broke inside but I wouldn't admit. Sorry kalau post ni macam menghina. Bukan menghina, this is called experience. Untuk peringatan aku sendiri supaya tak buang masa. Time is gold, man. 

Yup, we've reached the end. So if u guys wanna trash me back just because of this post, go ahead. Cuz i deserved it! goodye and salam..

Gathering With Friends

Assalamualaikum and morning :)

My mom had already went back to KL and I really misses her a lot. Yesterday, Farha invited me gathering at KFC. She also invited Sufi, Tasya and Ainin. So, yeah. I don't know what to say. It was the most horrible, not-fun yet boring hangout ever! Cerita ni panjang sikit sebab experience kena bagi detail, baru korang akan tahu betapa bosannya hangout ni. Here's the story.

Everyone was wearing baju kurung including me. Sufi and Tasya's baju kurung were totally stunning, flowery pattern and they look totally cutee. Farha's style were like batik (i guess) and Ainin's were purple with pink hijab. They all look cute. Mine was green and manly. I wore my mom's baju kurung. Baju kurung lawa tapi bila aku pakai, epic failed. I looked like a well-dressed pickle with glittery head. 

Then, we started to eat. Semua orang makan ayam except Tasya. She ate burger. You don't know how much she loves burger. Farha yang belanja aku so I owe her a lot. After that, aku belanja dia balik. Then we went outside and talk about stuffs (yeah,hell no -_-). Then, we snapped some pics. Fyi, gambar aku langsung takde. I'm the one jadi cameraman diorang masa tu. Kemudian, hujan turun dgn lebat sekali. Alhamdulillah! I don't know why Farha wanted us wear baju kurung. It was fcuking hot like six degree hell. She said biar kita nampak ayu bila snap pic. Ffffffff. 

cenggini aku punya face expression bila diorang amik gambar.

The reason I don't wanna be in the pic b'coz I will look different and gedix. With a certain people je I like to be in pic. So, we went back inside. And the boredemness has begun ! I sat in the middle of a table while everyone was snapping their pic. Ada partner pulak tuh. Farha with Tasya, Ainin with Sufi. I sat in the middle of a table with poker face. Semua orang tengah syok2 sendiri. Aku pulak, stared at them, wore a fake smile, tengok henpon, betul2 kan kain. 

Omfg, aku rasa sangat sangat sangat menyesal ikut diorang. I felt like i had wasted my mom's cash for nothing! Kalau aku tak ikut, aku akan dok rumah and help my mom cooking meatloaf. Argghhhhh ! Ok u guys. After this i'll post some more about this stupid event. Nak berehat jap. Goodbye.

I've Had A Shit Day

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hello everyone. Today, I couldn't stop crying because next year I will move to KL for REAL and for ETERNITY. It was all because of me. It was all started when my mom,my sis and I went for grocery shopping.

In the car, on the way to Tesco, my mom said that if my sis and I live in KL by now, my mom wouldn't be burden for spending rm300+ once every two weeks. Then I was like ''daffuk?'' No way! I'm not living in that city of shit anymore 'cuz for the last time I lived there, my grades were sucks, no freedom, bohsia attitude, pollution mendadak, struggling, and felt like there was no hope to live. 

Another reason my mom wanted us to live in KL because tak nak menyusahkan opah, tak cukup duit, and banyak lagi. Aku menangis kat Tesco dan sampai sekarang mata aku still lumpy and sepet. Aku tak tau nak cakap ape. The question that I kept telling myself 'till now is.."Kenapa aku tak mati je?"

Like I mentioned this earlier. It was all my fault! I wish I was dead so I don't have to face this and watching this world developing with vices. If i'm dead by now, my mom would probably have enough money, my parents wouldn't divorce, my grandma wouldn't suffer from injuries, there wouldn't have global warming, and the love of my life wouldn't smoke just because stressed out watching me living here. Aku dah tak tau nak mengadu dekat siapa. I felt like everyone is abandoning me. I felt lonely and useless. 

Kalau sesiapa yang baca post ni, mesti diorang pikir aku ni macam orang nak murtad. Tak ingat Allah. Aku cuma bertawakal sekarang. Berserah segalanya kepada Ilahi. Sebab Dia yang menentukan takdir aku and what is the best for me. It's just that aku tak nak hidup kat sana lagi. Perangai aku akan berubah menjadi bohsia seperti dulu dan markah aku akan merosot kalau aku hidup kat sana.

Dah lah, aku tak nak cerita panjang sangat. Aku bersyukur apa yang Allah bagi. The last thing I wanna do is to sit back and watch the world. I'm emotionally exhausted and wish I could turn back time. 

The Moment That I've Been Waiting For !

Hello and assalamualaikum..

I'm back ! Just wanna write the good news and the bad news. And, this post wouldn't be too much longer. It's simple. 

This afternoon I logged-in to my facebook and Mubasyirah told me about my result and my class ranking. Ok, recite Bismillah and take a deep breath :3  

I got number seven. Alhamdulillah. Walaupun menurun sedikit, tapi aku kekal jugak dalam kedudukan top 10. Once again, alhamdulillah :) Fyi, Mubasyirah got number..wait for it..she got number 2 in class !! Isn't that fcuking amazing ?! Wow, she swore to herself that she will devastate me for the final exam and she really did it. Congratulation Muba ! you really deserve it and akhirnya usaha kau ada jugak hasilnya :D

Then Ameer told me that he got no 6. Farah got no 10 and it's really obvious that Hanis will get no 3. I think, Ainin will get number 8 or 9. InsyaAllah.

Congartz korang ! Same2 la kite tahun depan pegi konvo and amik sijil :p 
Mubasyirah, you deserves to be called as smartasshole ! 


Sweet Memories 2012

Assalamualaikum y'alls :)

Today...was...legend...wait for it...dary ! LEGENDARY ! I had the most awesome jamuan kelas ever. But, compared with the 2011 punya, 2011 lagi awesome. Like I mentioned to you, I brought jellos and it was totally worth it ! Alright my people, gather around and let me finish my sweetest memory ever !

So, in the early in the morning, teachers had gave us boring speeches about the next year's school session. Fyi, tahun depan form 3,4,5 sesi pagi. Form 1,2 and peralihan sesi petang. Yeayyy ! Syioknyee.. balik rumah pukul 1.10 bebeh ! Ok, sambung cerita. Then, ada senamrobik performance and it was superly gangnam style ! hehe. After recess , aku volunteered myself to do the gotong-royong class. Yes, 2 Delima is now clean and tidy. Marvelous !

Lepas gotong-royong, we gathered around at the canteen and prepare for the event. Mubasyirah brought puddings for the whole class (thanks,dudee), Farah brought tam-tam snacks, and the others brought bihun goreng, chocolates, fizzy drinks, sweets, and stuffs that could make us have a sweet tooth. Cikgu Kartina pulak beli KFC untuk kitorang. It was really fun. Paling kelakar skali time rebut ayam. Yeahh, everyone was fighting for the drumstick. Kahkahkah. Aku dgn Sufi share ayam. Sikit gilee Sufi makan. Duhh ~ nak diet konon. 

Then aku amik pudding yang rupa dah tak macam pudding. Cikgu Kartina said that it was b'coz of the high temperature. At first I thought it was cocktail. :p
Then Sufi,Farha and Dahlia snapped some pics. Sufi berposing bagaikan seorang model. Comel gilee.

 I have no pics this year. Like I mentioned, my cam was ruined. But this memory will never be forgotten :') Alright. That's all. Tak nak cerite banyak2 sebab perutku kembung krn makan ayam. Heh. Goodbye and happy holiday ! :D

Hari Persekolahan Terakhir Adalah Esok

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello everyone ! How are you ? Sekarang ni musim tengkujuh and the rain never stops ! Alhamdulillah. I love rain. Nothing special today and I definietly would like to write about how was school today. Absolutely not-that-kinda-i-was-expected. But it was fun hanging out with my friends in the computer room.

So, there was us. Chillin' out and we were allowed to log-in to any kinds of website. Sufi log-in to her facebook 'cuz she had my words. She promised me that she will send HIM a message. At the end of the day, she didn't. -_- whatever..

Then, I showed Sufi a vid. The Exorcist. Hahaaha!! Kelakar masa tuh. Sufi terkejut mase tengok part last skali. Later, Sufi,Muba and I watched a horror Korean film. The Death Bell. Epic gileee weyh ! Tengok setengah jer. Tadi time balik sekolah aku sambung tengok cerite tu balik. Fuhh !! Satu hari rumah kena blackout and my brain couldn't stop thinking 'bout those shits. Lol. 

I realized that the title for this post isn't suitable. Hehe, saje je nak trolling people. U mad, bro ? :p 

Ok, that's all for today. Sorry kalau post ni tak caiyok sngat. Takde mood. I wish I hadn't watched PiewDiePie's epic vid where he played the Slenderman game. My brain kept thinking 'bout that shit. Orait, selamat malam :)

Schools and Grades

Selamat pagi and assalamualaikum ^.*

Today is the third day of SPM and my members and I have to cuti bergilir due to the school organisation. It's really getting bored so I decided to write a post. Lalalalalalala... *merepek je*

School holiday is around the corner bebeh ! Lagi dua hari nak sekolah and I know, the end of the semester would be legendary. My friends are organizing and planning to make jamuan kelas. As usual, I'll bring some jelly(s) jer. Hehe. Tak cukup bajet. For this year, aku dah tak snap2 pics sebab camera aku sudah dijahanamkan oleh adik-adikku. *shit that* sorry. -__-  

 I think semua markah PAT dah dapat so probably the exchange-class announcement will be held on tomorrow kot. Ya Allah, letakkanlah aku di kelas 3 Delima. I want to make my mom proud :)

Technically, aku akan dapat nombor lower than ten. It's obvious 'cuz my grades are totally not cool. 5A2B1C. Uhh..hate to talk about my grades and I realized that aku akan turun class jugak. Ya Allah, give me the strenght to face the reality :'(

Dah2. Stop. Nanti mula pulak berdrama. Ok, sampai di sini. Nak pi tengok kartun Adventure Time With Finn and Jake. Hehehe. Kalau ada masa, i'll post great stuffs i guess. Bye ! :>

New Chapter :3

Assalmualaikum and Hello :)

It has been a very long time I didn't log in to this blog. My last post was published in 4 or 5 months ago. Lama tuh -_- I'm sorry if i've deleted my old post, posting such an annoying stuffs, and trash-talked. Right now, i'm going to start a new chapter of my life, history, and experience. 

Furthermore, i would like to be more specific. I know, when I looked back to my old post, I was really shocked. My b.melayu and english were disaster and it's kinda hard to read. Heheh. 

My hope is this blog could be less useless and more specific :p I shall use right words for a better grammar and bm. *big words,they kills* x_x

Grade Aku Menaik. Alhamdulillah ^-^

Assalamualaikum ~

Hello everybodee, friends and frenemies . My legs are still hurt b'cos I played bola baling during PJ. syiook gileee ! :D
 Hmm..2 weeks holiday I didn't go anywhere . Just sit at home and watched TV jer. Tapi ade la jgk keluar tengok wayang . I watched MIB 3 and Snow White . MIB3 was EPIC !!! :DD

Btw, mid-year exam result dah dapat . Alhamdulillah :) 6a2b Aku sangat sangat sangat bersyukur ^^ 2b tu maths dgn english . Maths first time dapat 70+ (it was my legendary moment) . English pulak lagi 2 marks nk dpat A . Congrats to my friends who got higher marks than me . To my friends who didn't achieve it , korang kene berusaha ! be smart-ass and never give up !! Lgi pon, ni bru je PPT . Ppriksaan akhir thun lgi penting.  

The conclusion is , i have to work even harder and i will ensure that i will be more successful for next year . Next year , me and my members will be the last  batch for PMR .  Hope dpt 8As in PMR 2013 . ameen ~ 

Red-letter Day :))

Assalamualaikum :)

hai semuaa ~ fuhh kenyang ! baru hbis makan McD ^^ 

alhamdulillah..this week so far so good. Boleh la...three days in a row my school had rehearsal for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. Guess what ? aku terlibat ! weheheh ~ :D my mom was soo happy 'bout it. Aku dlm kategori pelajar cemerlang seluruh tingkatan 1 (^.^) HEHE.

to be honest, the worse part during the rehearsal was i was scolded by some kinda teacher..mase tu raptai hari kedua. Gahh !! geramnye !! cikgu tu x habis2 marah orng. Duhh ~ fyi, dah la mse tu aku bosan ! aku tunggu lame gile nk mampos! it's all b'cos of the stupid media electric thingy,..i was freaking bored then tukar la tempat dgn Chow. Chow sat beside Kak Una. huh, frustrated gile lps kene marah -_- tpi lantak lah..perkara yg dh lps ~

ok, now, i'd like to tell you about the suasana mse Hari Anugerah pulak. 

KHAMIS : it was IS...wait for it...LEGENDARY ! i don't know where to start...ughh,, well, i came to school at 7.30 am then i saw kak una and muba. So i sat beside them. Blablabla~yadyadayada..then ibubapa and the other students came.... Here's the best-tak-best part..

Fyi, we've been waited for dato' for almost 2 FREAKING HOURS ! lame gilee !! don't tell me..aku mase tu sia2kn mase aku dgn termenung jer! pastu aku ckp sikit dgn ameer.."weihh,ameer..dato' tu mengade la dtg lmbat"... then he said "aku tau! dato' tu skrg tngh tido dlm kereta dye..simbah pili bomba pon taknak bngun jugak!" HAHAHAHA!! and then aku chat2 sikit ngn syzwan..dye kate "dato makan breakfast kt McD" HAHAHA !! :DD

i think i should ditch the rest of the stories..it doesn't matter. Aku malas nak bercerita sebenarnye ~ tpi sayang la jgk..aku tak amik gmbar pon mse tu. :/

k lah..tuje crite aku buat kali ni..it's getting late lah. GOODNIGHT AND ASSALAMUALAIKUM :) btw,, minggu depan mid-year exam. Oh tidaakk >,<

p/s: avenged sevenfold buat concert kt malaysia mse hujung bulan 4. best kot !! :DD Bace website ni

Aku Makin Merosot !

assalamualaikum ><

exam selaras 1 dah tamat ! actually exam tu dah lame tamat . (2 weeks ago, i guess) and fyi, keputusan aku makin merosot ! D:

aku dpt 4a 3b 1c . alhamdullillah , and i knew it's better than the last year's result, but i still not satisfied for that . firstly , i got 82 for science .. EIGHTY FREAKING TWO ! sngt berbeza dri reslut thun lps ! geram lah !! secondly , sejarah aku pon merosot . i had studied tht subject so hard 'till 3 fcuking a.m !! arrghh !! and thridly , maths aku as usual . first tu dpt C . suddenly plus 4 marks then i got B . 

gahh !! sufi makin lame makin jdi smart-ass lah ! she got A for her math, 92 marks for her science and full mark for agama . she is bapak sial awesome !! quite jealous of her =w= 

kesimpulannye , i had to keep moving forward and never give up ! even though ni bru je ujian selaras  1 , kinda gives me pressure a lot . but that's worth though ;)

btw, sorry for the trashtalk .

Evanescence live in Malaysia and I missed it !

Assalamualaikum ^^

Haip ! Sedih nye aku hri ni..nk tau sbb nape ? Jap , tarik nafas dulu ~

Aku sedih sbb aku tak dpt pegi concert Evanescence :'( tdi aku search vid2 kt youtube , aku tngk sume orng enjoyed the night . Yeah..i'm too young pegi concert2 cmni . Tak pe arh . But i did enjoyed watching the pics . Amy Lee is so cute ! <3 aku harap , band MCR , Avenged Sevenfold and the other rock band wt concert kt Malaysia . >,<  

photos by : aforadio

Exam Dah Nak Dekat ! :(


Oh tidakk !! lgi beberape hari nak exam . walaupun ujian selaras 1, tu penting jgk tau ! aku harap, selama dua bulan aku belajar lesson form 2 msuk dlm kepale hotak . 

haishh -.- aq paling nervous ujian sejarah . Sejarah form 2 mmng susah ! Fyi, cikgu ajr sej seminggu 1 mase je ! ni sume psl perhimpunan hri isnin lah!! memang dah tak ley nk wt pe .. redha je lah. Lgipun cikgu kate klau bce n ulangkji, insyaAllah mesti dpt punye. :3

Aku bukannye nervous n takut psl tak bce buku , cume takut tak dpt jwb je. Heheh . 

after 2 weeks i didn't open my blogger, i would like to share my story during in school days :)

Khamis minggu kedua: it was..wait for it,..LEGENDARY                            ! nk tau sbb knp..hihih. Kelas 2 Delima memasak kt skolah ! oh,syioknyee! kitorng masak utk Encik Mad. member aq Dahlia,Ng Kai Yee ngn Lee Chi Yen. Group kitorng masak nasi goreng cina.
 Haha . Mase nk memasak tu bes la jgk . Dahlia ngn yg Lee Chi Yen masak . Adeii..nk tau tak, si Dahlia tu pegi letak mentega bnyk sngt smpai berbau nsi tuh ! haishh..nsi goreng cina jdi nasi goreng mentega ! HAHA!

jgn rebut2..kehkehkeh~

Sblm pegi surau , sume lelaki kecoh nk rse nsi goreng, kue teow, ngn mee . Group kak una wt nsi goreng, group muba wt kue teow, sufi pulak masak mi goreng. Semuanye sedap2 belaka ooo . But sufi punye terlebih cili padi :p aq ngap jer!

Orng yg pling mkn bnyk ialah..jeng..jeng..jeng..
opkoss la ZUL HUSNI. hehe . mse tu mmng lpr gilee . it could say ''sedop hingga menjilat kaki jari '' weheheh..

that's all for today. cool eh? jumpa lagi! ^_^

Salam Maulidur Rasul


Fuhh , dah lame aku tak update belog ni. Ni dah masuk minggu ke-10 , which is skrg dah bulan 2. Adooii..maybe this year i'm too enjoying the every moment and the every seconds. Sbb tu la masa berlalu dgn cpt =w=

Anyway, Salam Maulidur Rasul to all muslims out ther<3 Jom kita selawat bnyak2 ke atas nabi S.A.W

''Allahumma Sollia'la Sayyidina Muhammad wa'la ali waashabihi wabaarik wassallim ''

Ertinya: '' Ya Allah, selamatkanlah penghulu kami Nabi Muhammad saw dan atas keluarganya dan berkatilah dan sejahterakanlah dia..'' ^_^

amalkan apa yang nabi saw tinggalkan kita ,
yakni Al Quran dan sunnahnya..