Aku Makin Merosot !

assalamualaikum ><

exam selaras 1 dah tamat ! actually exam tu dah lame tamat . (2 weeks ago, i guess) and fyi, keputusan aku makin merosot ! D:

aku dpt 4a 3b 1c . alhamdullillah , and i knew it's better than the last year's result, but i still not satisfied for that . firstly , i got 82 for science .. EIGHTY FREAKING TWO ! sngt berbeza dri reslut thun lps ! geram lah !! secondly , sejarah aku pon merosot . i had studied tht subject so hard 'till 3 fcuking a.m !! arrghh !! and thridly , maths aku as usual . first tu dpt C . suddenly plus 4 marks then i got B . 

gahh !! sufi makin lame makin jdi smart-ass lah ! she got A for her math, 92 marks for her science and full mark for agama . she is bapak sial awesome !! quite jealous of her =w= 

kesimpulannye , i had to keep moving forward and never give up ! even though ni bru je ujian selaras  1 , kinda gives me pressure a lot . but that's worth though ;)

btw, sorry for the trashtalk .