Grade Aku Menaik. Alhamdulillah ^-^

Assalamualaikum ~

Hello everybodee, friends and frenemies . My legs are still hurt b'cos I played bola baling during PJ. syiook gileee ! :D
 Hmm..2 weeks holiday I didn't go anywhere . Just sit at home and watched TV jer. Tapi ade la jgk keluar tengok wayang . I watched MIB 3 and Snow White . MIB3 was EPIC !!! :DD

Btw, mid-year exam result dah dapat . Alhamdulillah :) 6a2b Aku sangat sangat sangat bersyukur ^^ 2b tu maths dgn english . Maths first time dapat 70+ (it was my legendary moment) . English pulak lagi 2 marks nk dpat A . Congrats to my friends who got higher marks than me . To my friends who didn't achieve it , korang kene berusaha ! be smart-ass and never give up !! Lgi pon, ni bru je PPT . Ppriksaan akhir thun lgi penting.  

The conclusion is , i have to work even harder and i will ensure that i will be more successful for next year . Next year , me and my members will be the last  batch for PMR .  Hope dpt 8As in PMR 2013 . ameen ~