Gathering With Friends prt 2


So, janji nak sambung balik kan? Alrighty then.

Like I told you, I felt regret and I promised to myself that if any event has to be related to a food store, i'm sooo not going ! Kalau black pearls hangout, even though related with a food store, aku akan pergi. Sebab diorang sporting, sederhana, and not doing a duck-face while snapping pics. I'm getting used with them. But, with Sufi, Ainin, Farha and Tasya, aku tak biasa. Yela, because i'm the only looser in that gathering. Mereka lawa tapi saya killjoy and metal. If two worlds met, things would get complicated. 

That night, Dinie called me. I told her about the gathering. I felt so relived when talking with her. I felt like lady rainicorn was in my mouth. Heh. 

Ok, yang ni aku cuma nak beritahu sebelum sampai ke penghujung post. Sufi was really different when buat gathering ni. She was like avoiding me. I know, i'm the looser so dia kena jaga reputation dia. And I had to be excited sikit with muthafcuking Korean stuffs so she wouldn't be bored. Sometimes i just felt broke inside but I wouldn't admit. Sorry kalau post ni macam menghina. Bukan menghina, this is called experience. Untuk peringatan aku sendiri supaya tak buang masa. Time is gold, man. 

Yup, we've reached the end. So if u guys wanna trash me back just because of this post, go ahead. Cuz i deserved it! goodye and salam..

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