Gathering With Friends

Assalamualaikum and morning :)

My mom had already went back to KL and I really misses her a lot. Yesterday, Farha invited me gathering at KFC. She also invited Sufi, Tasya and Ainin. So, yeah. I don't know what to say. It was the most horrible, not-fun yet boring hangout ever! Cerita ni panjang sikit sebab experience kena bagi detail, baru korang akan tahu betapa bosannya hangout ni. Here's the story.

Everyone was wearing baju kurung including me. Sufi and Tasya's baju kurung were totally stunning, flowery pattern and they look totally cutee. Farha's style were like batik (i guess) and Ainin's were purple with pink hijab. They all look cute. Mine was green and manly. I wore my mom's baju kurung. Baju kurung lawa tapi bila aku pakai, epic failed. I looked like a well-dressed pickle with glittery head. 

Then, we started to eat. Semua orang makan ayam except Tasya. She ate burger. You don't know how much she loves burger. Farha yang belanja aku so I owe her a lot. After that, aku belanja dia balik. Then we went outside and talk about stuffs (yeah,hell no -_-). Then, we snapped some pics. Fyi, gambar aku langsung takde. I'm the one jadi cameraman diorang masa tu. Kemudian, hujan turun dgn lebat sekali. Alhamdulillah! I don't know why Farha wanted us wear baju kurung. It was fcuking hot like six degree hell. She said biar kita nampak ayu bila snap pic. Ffffffff. 

cenggini aku punya face expression bila diorang amik gambar.

The reason I don't wanna be in the pic b'coz I will look different and gedix. With a certain people je I like to be in pic. So, we went back inside. And the boredemness has begun ! I sat in the middle of a table while everyone was snapping their pic. Ada partner pulak tuh. Farha with Tasya, Ainin with Sufi. I sat in the middle of a table with poker face. Semua orang tengah syok2 sendiri. Aku pulak, stared at them, wore a fake smile, tengok henpon, betul2 kan kain. 

Omfg, aku rasa sangat sangat sangat menyesal ikut diorang. I felt like i had wasted my mom's cash for nothing! Kalau aku tak ikut, aku akan dok rumah and help my mom cooking meatloaf. Argghhhhh ! Ok u guys. After this i'll post some more about this stupid event. Nak berehat jap. Goodbye.

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