Hari Persekolahan Terakhir Adalah Esok

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello everyone ! How are you ? Sekarang ni musim tengkujuh and the rain never stops ! Alhamdulillah. I love rain. Nothing special today and I definietly would like to write about how was school today. Absolutely not-that-kinda-i-was-expected. But it was fun hanging out with my friends in the computer room.

So, there was us. Chillin' out and we were allowed to log-in to any kinds of website. Sufi log-in to her facebook 'cuz she had my words. She promised me that she will send HIM a message. At the end of the day, she didn't. -_- whatever..

Then, I showed Sufi a vid. The Exorcist. Hahaaha!! Kelakar masa tuh. Sufi terkejut mase tengok part last skali. Later, Sufi,Muba and I watched a horror Korean film. The Death Bell. Epic gileee weyh ! Tengok setengah jer. Tadi time balik sekolah aku sambung tengok cerite tu balik. Fuhh !! Satu hari rumah kena blackout and my brain couldn't stop thinking 'bout those shits. Lol. 

I realized that the title for this post isn't suitable. Hehe, saje je nak trolling people. U mad, bro ? :p 

Ok, that's all for today. Sorry kalau post ni tak caiyok sngat. Takde mood. I wish I hadn't watched PiewDiePie's epic vid where he played the Slenderman game. My brain kept thinking 'bout that shit. Orait, selamat malam :)

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