Maal Hijrah 1434

Assalamualikum :) Sekarang ni dah 1 Muharram. Salam Maal Hijrah and selamat tahun baru semuaa. 

Well, the time is now 1.14 am. I should have gone to bed right now. Tapi, hati rasa nak post something. Ok, keep writing. 

This earlier, I watched a breath-taking show on tv9 called "My Journey To Islam". The story was about a British woman told about her experience before she became a Muslim. It was kinda sad story and it really opened my mind. It's hard to say hear. And i learnt a lot of lessons. 

I have to be grateful of everything He gave to me. Walaupun kecil atau besar, kena juga bersyukur. I don't know what to say. I'm speechless right now. I kept thinking about the post that I wrote 2 days ago. I'm sorry if i have been so ungrateful mindless person. I've never meant to brag. It's just that I was too mad about the hangout thingy. I'm supposed to say Alhamdulillah of everything, but what I did was nagging and trash-talked.

Confession: I've always mad at myself of why I have to be soo not pretty. In the other hand, ugly. Sometimes my friends mocks me and they think that i'm delirious. That was really stressful. Tapi sekarang, the word Alhamdulillah makes me realized that  Allah beri rezeki yang aku perlu, bukan yang aku nak. Contoh rezeki tu, ilmu pengetahuan, happiness, and keberkatan hidup. Right now, I have an awesome mom, awesome friends and family. Diorang semua tu anugerah yang Allah bagi.  

So, do apologies me about everything that I've done. Tahun baru ni, aku nak mulakan azam baru. Which is think positively, work hard and study smart for the last batch PMR, and keep it ugly.  

wise word from a wise creature.


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