Nothing To Do

Assalamualaikum everybodeee :)

Good morning, y'alls. Well, I don't have any interesting story to write but I have to keep posting my blog.

Once again. My holidays are sucks. Stuck in home and berlemak jee. Hehe. Never meant to nag, just saying. I've spent my holidays studying for next year, watching tv, and online-ing. "tak main badminton depan rumah keeerr?" Two Three words for you. I'm LAZY FAT-ASS. Malas nak keluar rumah. Gahh !

At least show on tv seems quite interesting. I've spent my time watching How I Met Your Mother. Walaupun episode tu ulang berkali-kali. And I also watched my favourite cartoons. Regular Show and Adventure Time. Teehee ^^ Then I studied Maths and Science. Damn. When I started to recap the chapter, it was soooo hard. Then I asked myself "I used to be an awesome kid." Huh. Kalau buka fesbuk pulak, aku main farmville and pet society, chatting with mah friends, and usha gambar2 at 9gag. 

Yeahh. That's my holiday. Tu je aku nak cerite. Have fun in ur holidays ! (i guess) Goodbye and salam..

HIMYM :) I luv you Robiiinnn !

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