Schools and Grades

Selamat pagi and assalamualaikum ^.*

Today is the third day of SPM and my members and I have to cuti bergilir due to the school organisation. It's really getting bored so I decided to write a post. Lalalalalalala... *merepek je*

School holiday is around the corner bebeh ! Lagi dua hari nak sekolah and I know, the end of the semester would be legendary. My friends are organizing and planning to make jamuan kelas. As usual, I'll bring some jelly(s) jer. Hehe. Tak cukup bajet. For this year, aku dah tak snap2 pics sebab camera aku sudah dijahanamkan oleh adik-adikku. *shit that* sorry. -__-  

 I think semua markah PAT dah dapat so probably the exchange-class announcement will be held on tomorrow kot. Ya Allah, letakkanlah aku di kelas 3 Delima. I want to make my mom proud :)

Technically, aku akan dapat nombor lower than ten. It's obvious 'cuz my grades are totally not cool. 5A2B1C. Uhh..hate to talk about my grades and I realized that aku akan turun class jugak. Ya Allah, give me the strenght to face the reality :'(

Dah2. Stop. Nanti mula pulak berdrama. Ok, sampai di sini. Nak pi tengok kartun Adventure Time With Finn and Jake. Hehehe. Kalau ada masa, i'll post great stuffs i guess. Bye ! :>

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