Sweet Memories 2012

Assalamualaikum y'alls :)

Today...was...legend...wait for it...dary ! LEGENDARY ! I had the most awesome jamuan kelas ever. But, compared with the 2011 punya, 2011 lagi awesome. Like I mentioned to you, I brought jellos and it was totally worth it ! Alright my people, gather around and let me finish my sweetest memory ever !

So, in the early in the morning, teachers had gave us boring speeches about the next year's school session. Fyi, tahun depan form 3,4,5 sesi pagi. Form 1,2 and peralihan sesi petang. Yeayyy ! Syioknyee.. balik rumah pukul 1.10 bebeh ! Ok, sambung cerita. Then, ada senamrobik performance and it was superly gangnam style ! hehe. After recess , aku volunteered myself to do the gotong-royong class. Yes, 2 Delima is now clean and tidy. Marvelous !

Lepas gotong-royong, we gathered around at the canteen and prepare for the event. Mubasyirah brought puddings for the whole class (thanks,dudee), Farah brought tam-tam snacks, and the others brought bihun goreng, chocolates, fizzy drinks, sweets, and stuffs that could make us have a sweet tooth. Cikgu Kartina pulak beli KFC untuk kitorang. It was really fun. Paling kelakar skali time rebut ayam. Yeahh, everyone was fighting for the drumstick. Kahkahkah. Aku dgn Sufi share ayam. Sikit gilee Sufi makan. Duhh ~ nak diet konon. 

Then aku amik pudding yang rupa dah tak macam pudding. Cikgu Kartina said that it was b'coz of the high temperature. At first I thought it was cocktail. :p
Then Sufi,Farha and Dahlia snapped some pics. Sufi berposing bagaikan seorang model. Comel gilee.

 I have no pics this year. Like I mentioned, my cam was ruined. But this memory will never be forgotten :') Alright. That's all. Tak nak cerite banyak2 sebab perutku kembung krn makan ayam. Heh. Goodbye and happy holiday ! :D

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Gadis Korea Terakhir said...

FYI KFC ,fizzy drinks, ak yg belikn.. gne duit klas ~ n, pudding tu rpenye mak ridzuan pn buatkn,,ak pnye puddingg cgu kartina ltak untuk jamuan guru, maybe ~

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