The Moment That I've Been Waiting For !

Hello and assalamualaikum..

I'm back ! Just wanna write the good news and the bad news. And, this post wouldn't be too much longer. It's simple. 

This afternoon I logged-in to my facebook and Mubasyirah told me about my result and my class ranking. Ok, recite Bismillah and take a deep breath :3  

I got number seven. Alhamdulillah. Walaupun menurun sedikit, tapi aku kekal jugak dalam kedudukan top 10. Once again, alhamdulillah :) Fyi, Mubasyirah got number..wait for it..she got number 2 in class !! Isn't that fcuking amazing ?! Wow, she swore to herself that she will devastate me for the final exam and she really did it. Congratulation Muba ! you really deserve it and akhirnya usaha kau ada jugak hasilnya :D

Then Ameer told me that he got no 6. Farah got no 10 and it's really obvious that Hanis will get no 3. I think, Ainin will get number 8 or 9. InsyaAllah.

Congartz korang ! Same2 la kite tahun depan pegi konvo and amik sijil :p 
Mubasyirah, you deserves to be called as smartasshole ! 



Anonymous said...

aliah farard whatever....
are you crazy???
ooh, pndai ko buat blog????
Aliah LUV RAHSIA forever....

aliah_klutz said...

omg. Aiman ! sibuk je dia ni :p

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