Adventure Time In Cameron Highland

Assalamualaikum peeps :)

Hey-yo! How are you? I'm arrived safely at home after travelling to Cameron Highland in Pahang. Alhamdulillah. It was the most exciting yet fun adventure ever ! I went there with my mom and my sis. To be honest with you, it was my first time I went there. Selama 14 tahun aku hidup, aku tak pernah jejakkan kaki kat Cameron. Hehehe. 

Before we started our day, we had our breakfast at McDonald's. Aku makan hashbrown je. And it tasted awful. After that, the travel has begun. Ya Allah! Masa nak naik bukit punya lah susah ! Almaklumlah. I'm a type of person who hates sitting in a car for too long that I could throw up. Dah la jalan raya tu banyak selekoh untill I could see a cliff from the top. Then, I thought that we were so going to be like Final Destination. Die in the middle of nowhere. -_- On the way tu, I saw many villages and orang asli. Yes,people. I saw orang asli selling some PETAI and stuffs on the street. It took us 1 hour to reach to the top.

After we reached to the top, we went to some sorta convenient store that has a strawberry farm in it. Besides strawberry plantation, there were also flowers, exotic plants and cafeteria. Yeah man. It was the best. My mom and sis did some plucking strawberries but I didn't. Then we continued our journey to other places. We went to CHOCOLATE store and style diorang ala ala England. Amazing gile. But the chocolates were really expensive. Ye la obviously, tempatnya pon sophisticated. They have some kinda antic stuffs and toys that England used to have like mini-vans, cars and bicycle. 

Then we went to a small town. The place is kinda small than I expected and it was crowded 'cuz lots of people selling fresh vegetables, toys stuffs, food and even clothes. Sayurannye memang fresh2 belaka. Fuhh. My mom bought lots of it sampai bonnet kereta penuh ! My favorite part was when they were selling soft toys. OMG! It was soo fluffy that I wanna die. Tehee ^^. Then we when to another small town. Sama jugak. Crowded and selling green stuffs. We ate grilled corn in a breezy cold weather. Syiok gile masa tu.

Our next journey was went to Tanah Rata. The place was quite interesting. Memandangkan sekarang musim hujan, the temperature was dip as low as 50 degrees I guess. I barely saw anything though. And hotel kat sana berlambak gile ! Style hotel diorang also kinda like English. Then we went to cafeteria untuk isikan perut yang lapaq. Not sophisticated much. Just ate maggie cup je. Then I bought this amazing rock knitwear yang ada gambar skeleton. AWESOME GILE ! I also bought souvenirs for Mubasyirah and Sufi. Aku tak cukup bajet nak belikan untuk orang lain. :/ 

I think this would be the most epic experience that I never had :) That's all I wanna to say here. Sorry kalau aku campur aduk bahasa english and bm. Goodbye u'olls and salam..

p/s: pics will be upload by next week. My mom forgot to bring her cable. 

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