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Assalamualaikum :)

Oh, rindunya belog aku nih! Dah 2 hari tak buka internet sebab wifi mak cik sebelah cari pasal ngan aku. Hihih. On today's post, I would like to share my animated picture that i've edit on my photoshop. I, Nur Aliah Izzati proudly present...Kepala Manusia Badan Doodle...jeng jeng jeng !

Eyhhh sexy lady..o-o-o oppa gangnam style ! Tehehe. Ok tak? Hurmm. The hands seems not okay though. It doesn't look like a horse riding. Takpe la. I'm a noob. Anyway, I edit the head and the doodled body on photoshop. The animation pulak dekat photoscape. It took 1 hour for me to study the tutorial and 15 minutes to make it. A millions of credits to Apit for showing lots of tutorials about using photoshop. I got the doodle's body from Apit's freebies and the head from my cousin's facebook. His name is abang Wan. Aodyaii, i haven't mention him yet about this. I'll be dead if he saw this picture. 

That's all I wanna share with u'ollls. Sorry kalau grammar aku bersepah macam kacang taugeh. Goodbye and salam..


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