That Photoshop Addiction


Morning everyone ! Yeahh. Lepas solat subuh terus menghadap depan komputer. Yesterday I had downloaded adobe photoshop cs4. Owwww yes! I felt like a boss sebab dah lama tak main main dengan photoshop. Then I realized that the addiction came back to me 'coz last night I stayed up editing my blog until 2.30 am !

Well it's kinda worth though. So, ok tak my new header and background? Aku dah jemu tengok blogger yang lama and I know it seems a little childish but aku dah memang obsess dengan The Adventure Time :D At first, I put a dark awesome colour as my background but then it seems kinda dull and emo sikit. So aku pakailah background yang cheerful. Walaupun aku ni peminat rock kapak and look deadly and devil on the outside, but on the inside I totally have a soft spot and a huge fan of adorable stuffs. Peliks kan? Hehehe.

By the way, I got the beautiful ramboo ramboo background from this pretty girl.

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Gadis Korea Terakhir said...

aliah, PM aku mcm mne nk edit blog secantik ginii ??

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