Wow What A Year


"Happy New Year,guys! New Year, New Me! Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh " Shut the fcuk up. Hehehe. I gotta admit. Perangai aku dulu. Hhahaha.

Hell (O) ! Happy 2014. Oh dear. I feel 2013 was like yesterday. Gonna miss all of the precious memories that I possessed :)

I wrote Happy 2014 instead of Happy New Year because one of my friends from FB cakap shame on Muslims who wishes that sebab generally our "new year" dah lepas. Maal Hijrah is our year. So, yeah.

Alrighty then! Most people ade diorang punye so-called new year resolution. But I don't have one 'cuz I've been thinking that I've changed a lot. A lot! Physically, emotionally,..financially. (Ok, not financially sbb harga barang dah naik. Shit) I passed my exams, I think my anger issues pon dah menurun, I made my mom and opah feel worthy for letting me stay here and Bring Me The Horizon had done their tour in Malaysia. 

Additionally, there are also other things I have to improve. Like my crazy jealousy towards other, trash-talk, dirty music I listened, my impatience, body weight, self-esteem, self-confidence and also inattentive in my solat. So, memang banyak benda aku kena improve. And i'll try my best to accomplish it! Weeeeeeeee.

Ya Allah. School starts tomorrow. And I could feel the butterflies in my belly. Entahla. Aku just takut everything is gonna change and I want things stay the way it is. Aku taknak kawan aku pindah. And also aku pun taknak pindah. :(

Before I end the today's entry, aku nak buat list top 10 favourite random things in 2013 :D

2013 highlights top 10 jeng jeng jeng!

-My Chemical Romance
-Bring Me The Horizon
-How I Met Your Mother
-Squid Girl (daisuki!)
-Art of graffiti and streetart. 
-My awesomeness

Recent PMR Result and The Happenings :D

Assalamulaikum :)

Hi guys! Oh dear Allah, I totally had a very a joyful time of my life last weekend. My PMR result went very well and alhamdulillah..I got straight A's. I couldn't believe it as I thought it was a dream. But it wasn't and I couldn't stop smiling on that red letter day. Furthermore, I am so PROUD to all of my friends! They'd achieved an outstanding results. Alhamdulillah :) I'm so happy for them! (Yo, Past Aliah! I did it :D Hehehe )

And you know what, the highlight of the day was...I met my crush! :D Yep, I was drooling as I saw him when I was taking pictures. The smile on his face was soooo...bright (like always) as if there was a heaven under those lips. But he couldn't stay a bit longer so he just..left. *my heart is racing like hell right now* 

Hahaha. Later, Farah's dad brought us to KFC for the after-PMR-result a.k.a hanging out with Muba (chupchap teehee), Dinie and Senin. I thought lepas dah amik result I would just go to my tumblr or post something on FB. On the other hand, it was unexpected!Farah's dad brought us to Gunung Lang afterwards. The view of the lake was breathtaking and the tranquility of the boat riding was unforgettable. /(^o^)\

After all the happening pleasures I had, I started to become more grateful and appreciate to my friends for standing up behalf me and being supportive-ass all these years. Even my family, especially my opah and my mom with their blessing prays. I'll love you always ^3^

A "tribute" for my dad. Dad, you know i've always wanted to say bad stuffs about you. I had been urged to myself to write about your pathetic biography in this blog so the whole world would know how ignorant you are. But I wouldn't do that. You abandoned us. You betrayed us. I wouldn't see you even though you stood 3 inches away from me. But the whole agony I've suffered gave me the strength to push myself further and out of my comfort zone to claim what I want. It's even uglier when I have to put lots pressure upon myself. Pressure apemende nya? Financial crisis, unhealthy emotions, ill influences and also feeling isolated to adapt with the environment. Alhamdulillah, Segala Puji Bagi Allah, god is always with us and everything runs smoothly and it ended well with all the tests He had put on us. Lol, dad. You've lost the huge opportunity of lifetime where all of us growing up. I'm beautiful now, I'm stronger. If this is what Allah have planned for us, i'll take it. If this is what you wanted, so be it. 

Embrace Yourself: Result PMR, (19/12) Khamis ni omg.


Today was a shitty day. This dumbass said something and told my mom what was happening in the house. Then my mom called me and yelled over the phone. I lose my temper so I yelled back towards her. It was the most terrible phone conversation (as much as it  always happen before) 'cuz I spilt every sentences that I've always wanted to say to her. And damn it was worth it.

The point is, one's shitty mouth said something, it ruins my whole day. My whole.. moods,.. hormones,.. minds,...motions.. and whatevs.

I guess this asshole thinks she's being original and she deserves a hug. (I'll wrap my hands around your neck and i'll slit yer throat) BOOM!

Dah, tu je. Siapa asshole itu? Don't ask me.

So, anywayyy. Khamis ni (19/12) is a huge say for the 1998 batch. Aku lettuuww. We are surely going to find out our PMR results and I feel.....empty inside. I don't know..I read my friends' statuses and most of them are terrified. But, aku ni...entah lah. Not saying that I have the confidence. But, aku just bertawakkal and berserah je. 

In addition, I would like to write something to my 'Future Me' after she claims her result. Here we go!

Dear Future Aliah,
Hey there pal ! Before I wish you something, I'd like to say're great, fantastic, awesome,wonderful, beautiful,..but mostly, you're the most strongest person I've ever known. I know reading this is making you frown 'cuz you've been such a baby this year but I guess you deserve all these nobels..from ME! Teehee. You've made to the top and it's enchanted, right? Yeah, alhamdulillah for everything. Oh, and..I have some advice for ya. If you get:

straight A's: Alhamdulillah,bro! Congratulations! But never make yourself complacent 'cuz there is still a long..loongg journey to go. Ilmu takkan habis,man. So go and get it. Study hard and smart and never break your mom's heart,ok! Oh, jangan jadi cocky. Nanti orang taksuka. Be likable. (in panda sort of way. heh)

not straight A's: Alhamdulillah. It's okay,man. Don't give up and keep trying. Probably ada hikmah disebalik yang terjadi. And failing is a step (baby steps) to be a successful person.  Bak kata Einstein "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new". Renung2kan ye..dah2 jangan nangis. Heheh.

Well, the 'Past Aliah' is signing-off. Farewell, future meee..

Dengar tuh..dengar tuh!!

Nasi Ayam and the Legendary Caramel Pudding

"I wish that I could be like the cool kids..'cuz all the cool kids they seem to fit in...I wish that I could be like the cool the cool kids" lalalalalaala

*title post takde kena megena. i takde idea nak letak ape so i titled this as the food that my mom and opah had cooked yesterday.

Konichiwa! Hee. Hai u'olls. Semalam the three stooges datang kat rumah aku for event makan2. Yeahh. We had a wonderful times alright. Played skateboard outside the house along the porch. Then, went to the park (hell yeah right dah mcm tempat skaters lepak) and talked about things...pasal 'adik' aku dah jadi hotstuff, Highland Towers, shitz of 2012 and the sweetnesses of 2013, how would 2014 be like and our future together. 

Dah petang sikit kitorang main waterballoon. Duduk atas skateboard, tolak and then baling balloon tu kt luar pagar. Woohoooo!! Hhahahahah!! Farah paling kelakar. Then after that we went back inside and had our beverages to quench our thirst and talked about our indoor lives and hal2 whatsap 3 Delima. Hahahahah! 

I drew a portrait of them using watercolours. After they headed back home, I went inside my room, turn on my laptop, upload the pictures and draw. Totally had fun watercolouring Cik Senin's baju kurung. Aku noob in using watercolours so tu bukan muka diorang yang sebenar. Teehee.

From left..Paragh, Cik Senin, and budak ketagih Owl City (or shall I say doped hootowl).
Alaiih takde.

Mental Break Time


Hello! Wah~ so much to say in these days. It has been past 3 weeks I haven't post anything after I took the stupid IQ test. Damn, it was freaking hard -.-

Aku nak cerita sikit je for the today's entry. Takmo cerita banyak sangat.

Do you realized i've removed most of my pictures that i'd taken on my last post? Yes. Two reasons why i did that. First, i'm scared. Second, i'm terrified. Right after Muba sent to me about those thingys with that thinghys (susoh nak explain), I feel harmed and being watched ._. I took this matter seriously.

And I'm fear that someone out there...1 over 7 billion people in this rotating world...must have kept the images that I owed in his/her laptop and i'm afraid it would fall into a wrong hand. 

Sorry. I'm such a mess. Here's the thingys that Muba had sent to me.

Ok, i wanna marry my bed. Sebelum tidor bace doa. Mohon perlindungan dari Allah.

I'm so scared. Tak sangka ada manusia bernafsu binatang. :'( Kejam lah.

Gerard way got so sassy he fell down. Love you,gee.

The 3-months-late Post


Hi you guys! Hahah. I know it's kinda a bit late (eventually it's too late) to say happy holidays to u'olls. And i know..i usually would post wishes pasal festival2 yg dah lepas. Tapi..biorlerhh.

And.. i know it's also late to cerita experience aku yg dah lepas2 kt sini. Okeyh, macam ni lah..sambil aku cerita how are my holidays going on, sambil tu jugak la aku upload few pictures over here and also the description.

ehem. *pretend i speak with British accent*

All righty then! My holidays..hmm. so far so good lah. I spend most of my time drawing apart from doing chores and helping my grandma in the kitchen. 

Look!!!! I took this pic waktu visiting KL. Ni masa naik kereta api. Graffiti
kt KL bapak shial ohsem, doh.

Korang tengok ni!! Tengok ni !! Gambar ni original taken by me! ME!!! 
Jenjalan dekat downtown terserempak ngn satu kedai. Aku suke gile kedai tu. They played
lagu MCR and Greenday. I got extra stickers sbb aku asyik tersengih kt penjual tu. Hikhik.

But, you know what..somehow my drawings during this holiday sorta doesn't impressed me that much. Selalunya bila at school I would listen variety of stories from my friends and other times there would be a tragedy hit me, I'd use those inspirations and put them in my art. Skrg ni, holidays takde sangat aku cincai2 je melukis.

(u'olls, actually I chilok the ideas from internet. so, aku tak reti sangat nk melukis by using my own ideas. forgive me,love -.-)

Right after I returned from KL, on the next day pi JJ with my besties.
We watched Cody blablabla Meatball 2. :D Kemudian, we ate ice-cream perisa hujan bumbung
parking lot. (ayat muba sape lagi kan) Hahah Love u guyss!

Omg. Waktu cuti sekolah ni pun aku dapat jumpa crush aku. Like, every evening i would be surrounded by my sick,crazy,unhealthy obsession. Sometimes, anxiety pun ade jugak. My stomach will be filled with butterflies  whole zoo animals.

Entah aku tak tahu how to explain this situation. And when that happens, kadang2 i'd talk to myself (as like my friends were here with me). Macam orang gila kot.

Kenangan manis yang tak dpt dilupakan! Aku rindu gila2 field trip ni.
KL-Angkasapuri-Planetarium Negara-bas riuh rendah-BESTT!!

Oh, before I forget..BRING ME THE HORIZON buat concert haritu. Aaaaahhhhh!! ok tu je. Malas la nak story mory kat sini. Just search it on youtube and tengok la sendiri. OLIVER I LOVE YOU DAMN MUCH!

Furthermore, I genuinely LOVE dubstep and electro. Arrgh!  Aku dah lama kenal dubstep and all those stuffs like that. But right after I were introduced Fox Stevenson and Skrillex by Dinie, the beats are freaking addicting! Currently I always listening to Skrillex's whenever I draw or suffer. HikHik.

Lepas field trip to KL, we went to TLDM at Lumut. Best la jugak time ni.
But it'd be more fun kalau rest of the gang ikut sekali..especially 'adik' aku tuh.
Muba, if u see this picture pls kill me first, then kill Dinie for no reason. Eheheh.

Speaking of suffer, now I am suffering huge problems. First, my backbone.. because of too much bending myself. Second, I am getting fat and right now i'm trying to increase my stamina bila dpt I kurengkan my body weight. And third, result PMR. They said result keluar sebelum or selepas Hari Natal. Oh, please milady! Tolonglah keluarkan result dgn cepat. Waiting makes me nerve-wrecking! Semoga kita semua, u'olls semua dapat straight A's. Ameen.

Sambil2 nerve-wrecking tuh, I'm trying to occupy myself on doing good deeds so I won't let myself falling into a bottomless pit of despair and heartbroken. Yeah..i've been thinking too much this lately. I'll try to stay positive!! Woooohhoo~

Lastt! Thadchini owe these pictures. Hah, time ni informal event class 3 Delima 
and Zamrud. Great times. My gang played baling2 water balloons. Lolz. I still kept the video.
Banyak sexual harassment. Hahah!

So, this is it. Gambaq semua dah siap upload. Enjoy! Dah la aku nak masuk tido sebab esok (25/11) aku ade test dekat MRSM at Taiping. Wish me luck,guise. T_T

Ghost vs Aliens

Assalamualikum and pagi~..


A few weeks ago, i've watched The Conjuring and the movie was really nerve-wrecking! I hate it for sure. I hate it when the freaking ghost showed-up in an inappropriate time and it almost made me pee in my pants (not literally lulz). 
It took 4 days to recover from my fears. Like, every time  I see dark...that shitz stuck in my sight -.-

The only thing i'm not satisfied 'bout this movie is i thought it was about the doll name Annabelle. But it turns out to be some sorta exorcism and dominic thinghys. Syiok la jugak. The movie was created based on a true story that had happened in 1960's and 70's so setting dia macam "old-school" sikit and I like it. Their style, furniture, props, houses and cars. They even drove that hippie car. 

But the sad thing is the ending of this movie was happy. I want the ending to be like a bloody shit and everyone died and the ghost won. Yeah! 

I love this doll. She seems nice and her smile
and her cheekbones looks exactly like mine. I love it.
I really do. :)

Attack The Block

Aaarrghh! Attack The Block. The most awesome legend..wait for it...dary ever!! Aku suka gila movie ni. Movie ni banyak trash-talk, British accent pekat, and no romance. I love it sooo freakkking demm much! I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. This movie is awesome and i'm looking forward to watch this movie over again :D


Well, PMR dah nak dekat. And probably this would be my last post 'till I finish the exam. Bye! 

BMTH ade buat muzik video baru. Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake. :D

I'm Holding My Last Breath



Semalam tak jadi tengok LOTR 'cuz I fell asleep right after I did my revision. Eheh. I guess it wasn't the end of happiness...aku je yang over the top sangat.

But today, the happiness for our brothers and sisters is OFFICIALLY over because tomorrow is a school day. sobs..sobs...Tak sangka masa berlalu dengan begitu pantas. PMR pun dah nak dekat. )=

Well, before I end this post...I'd like to make an announcement. BMTH made a new music video !!! Weeeee ~

BMTH: Can You Feel My Heart....exclusive! Belum lgi keluar kat Yotube :)

Lepas ni buat pulak video for And The Snakes Start to Sing
It's one of my favourite song =)

Gambar ni pulak khas utk orang yg dapat pergi konsert Linkin Park esok.

instead of shit, i gave u guys a freaking rainbows.

Cerita LOTR Semalam


Yesterday I watched Lord Of The Ring: The Fellowship Of The Ring on RTM.

How I feel after watching it...

It was like...there was no happiness in this world. The same feeling I had when I finished Merlin (even tho baru je tengok 3 episodes).

I had no idea the movie was interesting. I thought it had to do something with nerd's fantasy. But, i was wrong the whooooleee life was built on lies -.-
I got so emotional when Gandalf fell into abyss, when Boromir killed by the crazy Orc, when Fondor cried, when Sam drowned into the river 'cuz he doesn't know how to swim and the moment of romance between Aragorn and Arwen. 

Legolas. This guys is awesome.

Fondor's eyes ._. Fondor and Sam are so cute.

My favourite character.

I laughed and cried at the same time =(

Looking forward to watch 'The Two Towers' tonight.
(Walaupun cerita ni dah lama..tetap jugak nak tengok!)

Perce Thur Vele et Amener Moi Le Horizon


Oh. So i see how it is. Aku ingat blog ni dah kene hack or something. Rupe2nya boleh log in. This is odd.

Anyway, Raya celebration is over and now i'm spinning in the hurricane of homework and studying (student + dying). My mom said lagi 2 months dah nak exam. To me, it felt like 1 month left to the finals. Huhuhu.

hah, yg muke senyum lebar mcm The Joker dri cerita Batman tuh or.. mulut dri kacukan Angelina Jolie...
don't ask me who she is or where'd she came from.
 All i knew 'bout her is that she is AWESOME. eheheh.

In the past few months, i've searched many new things. Macam2 la. And the 'new things' is related to musician, bands and stuff like that. Firstly, Linkin Park is going to be live in Malaysia. OHHHHH MYYYY GLAAABBBB !!!! Arrghh! Stress..stress. Stress 'cuz my mom won't let me go to such concert like that. She's afraid there might be a drunk person or a fight because of their 'drunkness'. This is sucks and I. WANNA. GO. TO. THEIR. CONCERT. SOOOO. BAADDD.

oiiiii...tekan ni: Linkin Park-Living Things Tour

Secondly, I found that a band name Pierce The Veil pon rocckkss jugak. I've listened Hold On Till May, Caraphernelia and King For A Day. Yang lain belum lagi. Tunggu lepas PMR baru nak dengar the whole album- Collide With The Sky. And btw, diorang pun pernah buat gig kat sini. Gahhh !!! I'm noob ! :O

Lastly, remember Bring Me The Horizon? A band that i've always hooked up with and wanted to get it rid out of my mind..? Well, they're still stuck in my head and I couldn't get rid of it. But luckily aku dah tak obses like I used to =)

My cousin said...ehem..fuhh...
he said that...the to do a concert here!!! in Malaysia!!!

#runs#screams like a teenage gurl#pulls hair#wanna cry#rolling

:D :D I don't know betul ke tak. He said BMTH will be live on October. 

Dalam banyak2 bulan, bulan 10 jugak kau pilih??? Waktu ni aku PMR :'(( I just hope that they perform at the end of the month. =(

kalau dah pi Australia, singgah la ke Malaysia. 
Buat concert di sini. Can you do that for me,mate?

Holiday Survival Guide

Bye, Jona Weinhofen. Bye, guise :'(


Hai,guise. Can't believe time has come so fast. Pejam celik pejam celik dah school holiday. Ughh. I hate school holidays. My biggest fears during this 'holiday season' are getting fat and forgot all the lessons that i've learnt in school. And btw, next month i'll be sitting for trial-PMR -_- 

So, i've planned everything and make sure it will be accomplished the way i want. 

-extreme diet
i'm gonna workout everyday masa cuti skolah ni and eat regularly (and well). (PFFTT! pagi tadi tak jogging pon -_-) i'll have to control my diet, which is eating small portion of food on plate. 2 months from now, i'll lose my weight from ehem,ehem.. to 45 kg. I wanna be skinny like those goddamn models. Ehheehe :P

-stick to my gun!
Like i said, trial-PMR is around the corner. I'm going to use this opportunity..this chance to study everything. EVERYTHING. Hence, i shall stop being a fcuking procrastinate bastard n start studying 'till my ass off. (study smart!)

-forget BMTH!
Can't believe i'd say this. But i have to. I have to forget 'bout dat freaking awesome band. Have to. 'Cuz they've lead me to a wrong path. Lyrics dia semua boleh musnahkan akidah aku. Ya Allah.. (but i'm still looking forward for them making a tour here. teehee)

-keep calm
Keep calm, and self-conscious. Keep calm, and don't take anyone's shit. Keep calm, and do a reflection of myself. Keep calm and think again 'bout my recent grades. Keep calm, and think Allah. Keep calm and...think MCR </3

Dat Addiction


Hello, guise! Mid-year exam is done and I finally can spend my days with internet. Mueheheh. But, I still have got 2 big test to go. Trial and the finals. 

Now, aku nak cerita sikit pasal Bring Me The Horizon. Nak tahu tak? They are freaking.. wait for it...AWESOME! oh glob. Now i'm addicted to the band. I've watched so much vids about them. From behind the stage to Oli's tattoos. ^_^ I think I'm started to like them. I've listen few songs from their album called 'Sempiternal'. Best gila album tu! My love to this band is..unexplainable! After PMR, I planned to buy the album. They're so freaking awesome and I hope that diorang buat tour kt Malaysia. <3

Masa aku tengok interview diorang, album 'Sempiternal' tu is all about religion topics, politicians, societies nowadays and addiction. The best interview (the bestest!) was '25 qusetions with BMTH'. Ya Allah!! I love the part when orang tu tanye between movies and books, Oli prefers book. He said: "books are always better" :'D I love reading too,bro. And, between Star Wars and Star Track, he answered, "it's just like..modern dirt". I 100% agree with that, Oli! 

Banyak lagi interview BMTH aku dah tengok. And i've repeated the vids for like many times sebab aku tak faham sgt ape diorang ckp. British accent Oli pekat nak mampos. :p

Here's the video ---> 25 Questions with Bring Me The Horizon

Tu je aku nak post. All about BMTH <3 Btw, comel kan lagu Bulletproof Heart? Here comes dat feels again :(


About PPT n BMTH

Hello, assalamualaikum.

title post yg sgt simple. Malas nk pikiaq pikiaq. eheheheh.

Ah yes. 2 weeks have already passed and selama 2 minggu tu aku tak post pon pasal anugerah cemerlang tu. Uhh, everytime I access to the internet, i would easily get distracted by tumblr and facebook. That's what happened. But nevermind. I had post it on facebook. Malas nak post kt sini ^_^

Btw, minggu depan mula exam PPT. Ya Allah..i hope i pass this test with flying colours, as well as my friends. 

And, i've a discovered a new songs in this several weeks. Bring Me The Horizon. Best gila lagu diorang. Boleh la. Screamo, hardcore and heavy metal genre are not my type. But lagu Shadow Moses, Sleepwalking and Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake are awesome. Farah also like those songs and we are addicted to it! First time I fell in love with them because the lead singer is hot. Hahah. But, lagu tu bila liriknya ditelusuri dgn lebih mendalam (omg,ayat), actually it can destroy our akidah. So, every time aku nak dengar lagu2 diorang, i have to look up on the lyrics first.

Bye ! (kebabs are awesome!)

Oli Sykes.

Farewell to Cikgu Datin and about de Graduation Day


Hello. Fuhh. I was spinning in a hurricane of work, studies and all those stuffs that made me want to punch myself. But today, luckily I got a few times to update a new post. 

So firstly, i'd like to dedicate this to my science teacher, Cikgu Zabidah (but i prefer to call her cikgu datin). Last Friday my school had an event for cikgu datin's retirement and I felt like we had learned with her like it was yesterday. There were so many emotional feelings that we've been through. And, 2 days before her retirement, we did a 'hugging group' and mase first time I hugged cikgu datin, tears flow through my cheeks. Damn, i've never felt this way before. Ape2 pon, dear cikgu datin, you will always in our heart. We luf u :)

cikgu datin, thank u for teaching us, for loving us, for caring us and for advising us to be nice to other people. We is luf u much!

Gif kat atas tu means fly kiss kitorang dekat cikgu. <3

And..secondly, i want to make an adjustment sikit 'bout my previous post. Not pasal Gee's p.o box thinghy, it's pasal Huseiini's depression. I actually bukannye hating nor envy of her semangat nak belajar. I'm actually proud of her, and also all of my friends, that they have made it to the top for their markah ujian selaras. So the thing is, i want us to be successful in any exams. It means i don't want to compete or rasa dengki between my friends. I just want to feel challenged among us. Probably in this way we will managed to the victory. Akhir kata, i'm sorry pasal post tu. Aku malas nak delete or re-edit the post. Malassss -.-

By da way, i got the Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan form and i'm in pelajar terbaik category as well as my friends :D Alhamdulillah. Moga2 reputation ni kekal selama2nya. I've bought the new camera (which i had mentioned in the other post) and i'm gonna amik gambar banyak2. Wooohooooo!

Bye! behewhewgehwjkewbw *tibe-tibe*



There are few good news I wanna write.
Wait for it.. :) 

First, Gerard Way opens P.O Box for fans!!! hdbfsihfbhsiyeny8srny8fgo !!!!

OMG,OMG !!! Alright, by tomorrow i'm going to discuss about this with Farah :D

Secondly, grade ujian selaras. Alhamdulillah. Syukur la jgk. Tapi aku tak boleh leka. Kena teruskan perjuangan. For your information, Muba seems kinda depressed b'coz of her result. Ini tak boleh jadi! I just hate it when she gets that kind of depression. If she's depressed, that means she'll do whatever it takes to get a better result for the next exam. -_- This is just not acceptable. But whatever la. Good for her and keep it up, bruh. 

And third, their memories we'll carry on! I found gif yg telah cheer kan mood aku. :3 

Ahahah!! Gee and Frank are good entertaining the audience. Can't stop laughing !!! :DDD Comel !

Itu je aku nak cerita. Haih, random gile post ni. Hahaha. 
Oh god. Sekarang dah masuk bulan 4. Cepatnye masa berlalu. And the pmr war is near O.o Ok, April. Be nice to me.



Heyy. After the 'heart broken' things that i've been go through, I think I could handle it. I would just smile :)... (just to hide my anger and my sadness)

Anyway, esok Ahad. And then..Isnin. Oh god I'm still not ready for school. Satu sebab ada lagi sikit homework tak siap. Secondly, the damn kerja kursus sejarah aku langsung tak usik. Ya Allah! yup. I am a procrastinate queen and i'm good at it. But I'm glad that I've already finished the kerja geo. Cuma ade lagi sikit which is the map and kaedah kajian. 

By the way, yesterday I went to M.O.G Eyewear store (mcm OMG :p) at JJ. Finally i've made a new glasses. Power mata aku bertambah teruk! Dua2 belah mata aku 100+. -_- Aku rasa menyesal sebab dulu aku nak sangat mata rabun. And sekarang aku sedar betapa terseksanya mata rabun. Allah tarik balik nikmat aku. :(

Before buat spectacle tu, we went to electronic store and bought a brand new kettle. After that, aku usha satu tempat where they sold CAMERAS. And then my mom cakap she's going to buy it for me! :D Can't wait !! :DDD

That's all for today. Adios.

how i feel when mom is going to buy me the camera :D

Thank you, My Chemical Romance.

I will never stop waiting for you to return. Thank you for being the most amazing band I ever dicovered. Killjoys never die.

Hello, my peeps. It has been a while a haven't update a new entry b'coz i was busy working on my project..and heart broken. Let me tall ya pasal ape aku heart broken.

.... take a deeeeep breath....

My Chemical Romance has disbanded. I still remember the date when I found out the news.  23/3/2013 Saturday, 6 pm. Mase tu online fb, then in my MCRmy Malaysia fanpage, someone posted about their break-up. Firstly, I didn't believe it. Then, lepas tengok news feed kawan2 aku, aku still tak percaya. After that, I read MCR's blog, and it was official. Diorang dibubarkan.

My heart shattered into pieces! I was so sad to hear about their break-ups. Ok, aku tak nak cerita panjang lebar about this 'cuz i'm really,really like..sorrowful. Then, ade orang post kat tumblr. Gerard yang tulis. He wrote about his adventure, experience selama 12 tahun with his band mates. The hardest part was when he said, "It's not a band, it's an idea". Ya Allah :'(

Kalau fikir secara rasional, Gerard Way got married, he's clean..Frank Iero pon dah kahwin, dapat anak kembar, Ray Toro is expecting the little ones...Mikey Way pon got married. Semuanya ade hala tuju masing2. Probably these may be the reason. To be more closer to their families. 

Ape2 pon, My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. It's alive in me, in the guys, and inside all of you (the fandoms). I'm grateful that they existed. 

Thank you, My Chemical Romance.
I am not afraid to keep on living; I am not afraid to walk this world alone.

And thought you were dead and gone, believe me, 
your memories we'll carry on !

Happy 15th Birthday, Me


Hello, World. 

6 March. It's my birthday. And it's today. :D Alhamdulillah sebab Allah panjangkan umur aku. I would like to say thanks to my awesome mom for always be there for me, and to my friends that always support me and being crazy and fun. 

So, my mom dah beli hadiah. It is freakingly awesome mini-drawer !  But the hadiah tu cuma permulaan. The real present is Cannon camera (forgot what's the type of the brand) as a gift of my last year's successful grade. And Sufi pon ade belikan aku hadiah jugak. Heheh. Hadiah jus C2 kat koperasi skolah jer. Mekaseh banyak banyak, dudee ! Oh yeah, i also bought myself a gift too (forever alone). It is MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE BOOKMARK. Oooohhhhhh myyyy goooooddddd! It's the best damn present I have!! Well, bookmark tu tempah kt Hidayah and it was kinda worth it ! She made it perfectly. *tears* :')

Itu sahaja entry hari ni. Au revoir !

how I react lepas dapat bookmark MCR. :3

Pengalaman di Seminar Fokus A


Today was raining cats and dogs and i was wet after i returned home from school even though I wore the silly red polka dot raincoat. Ya Allah, I felt so embarrassed in front of the entire student especially my old crush. He must probably thought like this : "Oh, i've seen this clown before." -_- Dah la masa tu tudung berserabai, and the hoodie of my raincoat did not cover my head so well. Uhh, biarlah. Let this moment be the joke or an experience when I grew older. I don't give a shit of what people are going to mock. Haters gonna hate. ~ :D

Talk about an experience, yesterday I went to Focus A Seminar. I surely had a great time and looking forward to go there again. There were 65 students of my school who joined the seminar. My friends who joined were Kak Una, Mubasyirah and Ameeeeer. The seminar was held at Syuen's Hotel and we went there by bus. Hahaa. Pengalaman di pagi hari ku takkan lupakan. Muba and I sat together in the bus. She made a joke and we talked about stuffs and the dickheads sons of a bleeyp-bloop in our class. 

After an hour, we reached our destination. I thought the number of students was going to be like less than a hundred. But i was wrong. Ramai gile ! RPS, Wira Jaya, Seri Ampang, Bainun (paling ramai), Izzudin, and Pasir Puteh. During the registration it took 2 hours to complete. All of us sat outside while waiting for our turn. And then, we saw something amazing. A car that look exactly like batman's. Semua orang jakun (aku pon). 

my face bila nampak kereta tuh. I don't why i'm so obsessed 
over the car :P

After the registration, we went inside the hall on second floor. Oh mak guard! Besaq gile weiihh! Kitorang duduk kat tengah2. I had to sit beside to a boy from Bainun ._. First speech was Bahasa Melayu. The speech was so freaking awesome !! The lecturer gave us lots of tips and now I feel a little more confident on writting a karangan (i repeat, a little more confident. bukan terus jadi pro). Then the lecturer gave us a useful tips on counting maths. Fuh, bapak sial ohhsem. Then, lepas BM speech sejarah. Ok, masa ni I didn't put too much attention. Honestly, i fell asleep as well as everyone in the hall. 

Lepas lunch-break and solat zohor, the next speech was geografi. Semangat gile semua orang lepas dah isi perut. The lecturer also gave us a useful tips on how to memorize the banjarans and blablabla. After geo, maths. Maths lecture pon bes jgk. The whole hall was chaos and riot bile nk jawab soalan. And lastly, English. Ni pon aku tak tumpukan perhatian. Maybe i was asleep or did something stupid with Muba. Hewhewhew. :3

That's all for the experience i wanna post for today's entry. Maaf jika bahasa memutar belit macam kacang taugeh yg bersepah. Byee !

Family Gathering


Yesterday, my cousin's family had already went back to KL. I think i'm started to missing them.

So this week on Monday, my family and my cousins went to Mak Long's house for celebrating aunt Linda's 48th birthday. Yeah, it was fun. Before we leave, i decided to record myself playing a piano cover of T-ara's song, Day by Day. I was actually more of making homevideo because Diyanah, Iman and Fifi made noises at the back. Then Nana showed up and i asked her to play SNSD Gee and Miss A I Don't Need A Man. She's soooooo talented. Omg, i'm really jealous of her. 

During the celebration, there were lots of luxurious food on the table. There were homemade carrot cake (baked by mommy), Mak Long's awesome's (ohsem) nasi goreng cina and char kue teow, fruits and sirap bandung (my feberet). The most favorite food of all was Mak Long's ohsem nasi goreng cina. Aku makan banyak sampai kembung perut. Kalau boleh kan, aku nak makan nasi goreng tu satu baldi ! Sedap gila nak mampos u know ! :p

After makan2, kitorang berkumpul at the living room and tengok cerita hantu; The Possession. We watched the movie in darkness. Oh my god memang seram gile cerita tu. Well, actually tak seram sangat. On the certain part je seram. Ngehngeh. 

That's all I wanna post. Adios.

Childhood Memories


On this festive season, my cousins and their family from KL will be coming here. Fun *with priceless face*. Actually i'm not excited for it. It's because.. well..they're all kinda too modern. 

Yes, i know. We all live in a modern era. It's just that i want everything supposed to be when i was younger. I still remember the time when i was 5. When everyone came to opah's house, all of us will plan to do something fun and excited at night. Like decorating a room to make it look as haunted house.. and having a so-called American Idol competition. But we changed it to Opah's Idol. HAHAHA!

But you know what, everything does not last longer. Since everyone started to grow up.. since Abg Jiji and Abg Wan went to America..things just get bored. Like i told you, in this stupid modern life, my cousins just sitting in room and played their iPad or laptop or sophisticated mobile phone. 

I kept trying to be friendly with them ! But they're all just..*sigh*. All they knew is listening to korean songs and talked about THEIR fandoms. And i'm just..there. It's not that i disrespect their fandoms or interest, i just wanna hangout or playing badminton or something. Together. 



Gong Xi Fa Cai to all chinese people ! 

Oh my godness. I had a hard time this week. Physically and emotionally exhausted. Firstly, on Monday..the school held an event for "mentor-mentee" (don't know how to spell) and i was involved including my friends. Mentor-mentee was about students who get selected by teachers must focus on getting straight A's in PMR. I'm not sure how was my reaction about it..but all i remember is my mom was super crazy excited about it. Then she started giving speeches and it made me feel...worst at everything. -_-

Secondly, on school set up merentas desa drill and i determined to run as fast as hell 'cuz it was the chance for me to lose some weights. But you know actually didn't work the way i expected. Aku berlari seperti itik dan sotong. It was really tiring and dying ! Huhh, after this..i'll just walk because..running is evil. :P

And lastly..on Friday.. my school counselor set up a lectures about Teknik Menjawab Soalan Sejarah PMR. Hmm..i have nothing to say about this. After the lecturing was over, the lecturer lent us a form for more speeches on answering pmr techniques and yadayadayada. 

"Ish Aliah nih. Tak habis2 nak cerita pasal sekolah dia. Story-mory la sikit pasal benda lain."

Takdak benda lain dah.. 

To anyone who read my blog..thank you! Because you is awesomee! :D

Mustard People

It has been 4 weeks of school and 3 Delima dudes are being like..mustards! (yeah, i can't say the word). They're like mustards-coated mustard with mustard filling. Aarrghh! I can't stand it anymore. They're always making noises whenever the teachers presents or absents.

Why can't they just shut the fudge up and be like a normal matured 15 year-old dudes. If they do, they would 'doing cute faces' around attractive people or something. Hell to the no! Those assholes think they're being original. I hope those 5 dudes pindah kelas or die without people's knowledge. I wish they weren't born in the first place! I wish they were matured and knew that tahun ni PMR. 

Conventional Weapons Album


Haii. Salam Maulidur Rasul, peeps ! Mari berselawat ke atas nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan kita kena bersyukur sebab dipanjangkan umur kerana sempat berpeluang untuk berada dalam bulan Rabiulawwal tahun 1434 nih :)

Now, i just wanna write a simple post about my favorite band, My Chemical Romance's newest album called Convetional Weopons. Ohhhh Myyyyyy Gloooobbbb !! I'm so excited about this !!! I don't know what to say. It's ! i've waited so long for them to make a new album. Finally, my wish has granted. Actually this album being released last year and announced on September 14 (probably). 

Aku berharap sangat2 album diorang ni jual kat Malaysia. Aku dah beli album Danger Days. But, album mase zaman black parade and revenge era je aku tak beli. Sedih :( At least i have a Danger Days poster collection. Teheee. From the album, i've listened to "Ambulance" and "The World Is Ugly" song. I haven't listen the other songs yet. Tak peh. After PMR, i'll listen the songs 'till i get bored ! Muahahaha.