Mustard People

It has been 4 weeks of school and 3 Delima dudes are being like..mustards! (yeah, i can't say the word). They're like mustards-coated mustard with mustard filling. Aarrghh! I can't stand it anymore. They're always making noises whenever the teachers presents or absents.

Why can't they just shut the fudge up and be like a normal matured 15 year-old dudes. If they do, they would 'doing cute faces' around attractive people or something. Hell to the no! Those assholes think they're being original. I hope those 5 dudes pindah kelas or die without people's knowledge. I wish they weren't born in the first place! I wish they were matured and knew that tahun ni PMR. 

Conventional Weapons Album


Haii. Salam Maulidur Rasul, peeps ! Mari berselawat ke atas nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan kita kena bersyukur sebab dipanjangkan umur kerana sempat berpeluang untuk berada dalam bulan Rabiulawwal tahun 1434 nih :)

Now, i just wanna write a simple post about my favorite band, My Chemical Romance's newest album called Convetional Weopons. Ohhhh Myyyyyy Gloooobbbb !! I'm so excited about this !!! I don't know what to say. It's ! i've waited so long for them to make a new album. Finally, my wish has granted. Actually this album being released last year and announced on September 14 (probably). 

Aku berharap sangat2 album diorang ni jual kat Malaysia. Aku dah beli album Danger Days. But, album mase zaman black parade and revenge era je aku tak beli. Sedih :( At least i have a Danger Days poster collection. Teheee. From the album, i've listened to "Ambulance" and "The World Is Ugly" song. I haven't listen the other songs yet. Tak peh. After PMR, i'll listen the songs 'till i get bored ! Muahahaha. 

Peer Presssuuree


Hadoii. Macam2 peer pressure bila dah masuk form 3. Before i get to the story, i wanna write about my two favorite bros. Their names are Abg Jiji and Abg Wan. Both of them are currently in USA for continuing their studies. Omg , i miss them sooo much. Actually abg Jiji had lived there for 2 or 3 years ago. Abg Wan hari Rabu minggu ni bertolak pegi sane. Abg Jiji, have fun in LA. Abg Wan, i hope you have a successful life in Arkansas. Love u guys <3

the blonde one is abg Jiji. and yes, that is abg wan.
abg jiji is sooo fabulous ^^

Alright ! Back to my so-called life. So, the main reason how the hell did i get the peer pressure is b'cuz all of my friends are like smart-ass. And i'm just....there. *bunyi cengkerik*  They are all pandai2 belaka.  This week during English class, Mr.Praim had gave us a comprehension test. Well i thought that I would get a better score or something. Like, usually i'd beat my friends with a higher marks. Then suddenly they beated me ! A lot! Aku memang menurun gile mase tuh. I kept questioning myself 'till now: "Why?... Why?... Why?... WHY?". 

Yup. Then i knew it. Allah bagi aku ujian so that hidup ni sometimes we're on top, and other times we would crash..down to the bottom. Besides that, Allah had gave me a sign so i would stop BRAGGING ! Yeah, i'm kinda like a biatch sometimes. Suka menunjuk2 gitu. Bersyukur sangat2 sebab dah ade kesedaran dalam diri. Like my mother told me just now.."nobody's perfect". 

Moral of the story are...kena berusaha ! bila dah berjaya, must be grateful and mustn't brag with the shits i scored. Tu je aku nak cerita. Maaf jika terkasar bahasa. Have a good evening, my people !

Monologue: "Oh god! Homework tak siap! That's all right. Blogging and tumblr-ing makes my day...I REGRET NOTHIIINGG! yeeeahhhh !

Schools and stuffs like that

Assalamualaikum.. :)

Hello everyone ! How are you in these days? Well, this is the second weeks of school and there are lots of assignment that I haven't accomplish yet. Omg. I'm soooo lazy to do it.  I'm writing a post just wanna to story-mory about schools and stuffs like that. Homework tu lantak lah. Blogging first then homework ! Muehehehew.

During the first day of school, not a single shit was given that day. Yup, everything was like so far so good cenggitu la. Good news is aku still kekal dalam kelas Delima. Alhamdulillah. Partner yg dok sebelah aku pon orang yg same jugak. The same person who has sit beside me for 3 years in the row. Kau tak bosan ke Sufi? Tehee. Bad news is the boys in my class sat in front while the girls have to sit behind. Some of them isolated from teachers, which is diorang terpaksa dok tepi tingkap because of them. Huhh. Sometimes I feel like wanna punch their bread and butter like a baby bird in my hand (random words). But lantak la, just be strong and focus on studies 'cuz tahun ni PMR. Ok2, aku taknk bukak topik pasal tuh. Tak nak !

Fyi, i was surprised to see all of my friends. They were all cun-cun melecun. Ngehngeh. Furthermore, morning session school is awesoomeeee. Tak ramai sangat orang and kinda peaceful (hell to the no). Btw, subjek science n maths form 3 bess gilee! Walaupon susah, tapi rasa syiok bila faham betol2. And how was kelas Delima? As usual. Bising like hell. The monitor pon sekepala ngan budak2 lain as well as the assistant monitor. *wumbos* -_-

That is all for today my people ! See ya guys after a week. Adios~
Oh, i forgot to mention u'olls. Actually i cancelled moving to KL a months ago. (which i'm not going to story-mory here)

my face when i saw my old crush.
he was surprisingly cute and attractive. <33

Hello 2013

Assalamualaiukum :))

Konichiwa ! Happy new year everyoneee ! Hope korang ada semangat tahun baru. Tanamkan azam and cita2 so it won't fail again. Hahah. My last year's new year resolution was like 'eh'. Hampeh. But insyaAllah this year i'll do it earnestly. Yeahh!  By the way, i'm 15. Yess. Mesti banyak tanggungjawab yang perlu digalas. Which is- fight for PMR, homework, homework, homework. 

And, here's my '2013 to-do list' :

-8A's in PMR
-better grades in any exams.
-a good relationship with my family
-my friends to be closer
-to have everything figured
-takmo jadi panas baran dah
-to be happy with my life and who am i

I hope this list can accomplished the way i want. InsyaAllah, kalau ada usaha pasti akan berjaya. ^^ So, school starts tomorrow and i've prepared everything (probably). Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. I hope I could write a new one :)

p/s: here's my tumblr