Conventional Weapons Album


Haii. Salam Maulidur Rasul, peeps ! Mari berselawat ke atas nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan kita kena bersyukur sebab dipanjangkan umur kerana sempat berpeluang untuk berada dalam bulan Rabiulawwal tahun 1434 nih :)

Now, i just wanna write a simple post about my favorite band, My Chemical Romance's newest album called Convetional Weopons. Ohhhh Myyyyyy Gloooobbbb !! I'm so excited about this !!! I don't know what to say. It's ! i've waited so long for them to make a new album. Finally, my wish has granted. Actually this album being released last year and announced on September 14 (probably). 

Aku berharap sangat2 album diorang ni jual kat Malaysia. Aku dah beli album Danger Days. But, album mase zaman black parade and revenge era je aku tak beli. Sedih :( At least i have a Danger Days poster collection. Teheee. From the album, i've listened to "Ambulance" and "The World Is Ugly" song. I haven't listen the other songs yet. Tak peh. After PMR, i'll listen the songs 'till i get bored ! Muahahaha. 

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miss husaini said...

kat mne kau cri ?? nak jugokkk !~

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