Mustard People

It has been 4 weeks of school and 3 Delima dudes are being like..mustards! (yeah, i can't say the word). They're like mustards-coated mustard with mustard filling. Aarrghh! I can't stand it anymore. They're always making noises whenever the teachers presents or absents.

Why can't they just shut the fudge up and be like a normal matured 15 year-old dudes. If they do, they would 'doing cute faces' around attractive people or something. Hell to the no! Those assholes think they're being original. I hope those 5 dudes pindah kelas or die without people's knowledge. I wish they weren't born in the first place! I wish they were matured and knew that tahun ni PMR. 

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miss husaini said...

who's the 5 dudes ?? -_-"

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