Peer Presssuuree


Hadoii. Macam2 peer pressure bila dah masuk form 3. Before i get to the story, i wanna write about my two favorite bros. Their names are Abg Jiji and Abg Wan. Both of them are currently in USA for continuing their studies. Omg , i miss them sooo much. Actually abg Jiji had lived there for 2 or 3 years ago. Abg Wan hari Rabu minggu ni bertolak pegi sane. Abg Jiji, have fun in LA. Abg Wan, i hope you have a successful life in Arkansas. Love u guys <3

the blonde one is abg Jiji. and yes, that is abg wan.
abg jiji is sooo fabulous ^^

Alright ! Back to my so-called life. So, the main reason how the hell did i get the peer pressure is b'cuz all of my friends are like smart-ass. And i'm just....there. *bunyi cengkerik*  They are all pandai2 belaka.  This week during English class, Mr.Praim had gave us a comprehension test. Well i thought that I would get a better score or something. Like, usually i'd beat my friends with a higher marks. Then suddenly they beated me ! A lot! Aku memang menurun gile mase tuh. I kept questioning myself 'till now: "Why?... Why?... Why?... WHY?". 

Yup. Then i knew it. Allah bagi aku ujian so that hidup ni sometimes we're on top, and other times we would crash..down to the bottom. Besides that, Allah had gave me a sign so i would stop BRAGGING ! Yeah, i'm kinda like a biatch sometimes. Suka menunjuk2 gitu. Bersyukur sangat2 sebab dah ade kesedaran dalam diri. Like my mother told me just now.."nobody's perfect". 

Moral of the story are...kena berusaha ! bila dah berjaya, must be grateful and mustn't brag with the shits i scored. Tu je aku nak cerita. Maaf jika terkasar bahasa. Have a good evening, my people !

Monologue: "Oh god! Homework tak siap! That's all right. Blogging and tumblr-ing makes my day...I REGRET NOTHIIINGG! yeeeahhhh !

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