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Assalamualaikum.. :)

Hello everyone ! How are you in these days? Well, this is the second weeks of school and there are lots of assignment that I haven't accomplish yet. Omg. I'm soooo lazy to do it.  I'm writing a post just wanna to story-mory about schools and stuffs like that. Homework tu lantak lah. Blogging first then homework ! Muehehehew.

During the first day of school, not a single shit was given that day. Yup, everything was like so far so good cenggitu la. Good news is aku still kekal dalam kelas Delima. Alhamdulillah. Partner yg dok sebelah aku pon orang yg same jugak. The same person who has sit beside me for 3 years in the row. Kau tak bosan ke Sufi? Tehee. Bad news is the boys in my class sat in front while the girls have to sit behind. Some of them isolated from teachers, which is diorang terpaksa dok tepi tingkap because of them. Huhh. Sometimes I feel like wanna punch their bread and butter like a baby bird in my hand (random words). But lantak la, just be strong and focus on studies 'cuz tahun ni PMR. Ok2, aku taknk bukak topik pasal tuh. Tak nak !

Fyi, i was surprised to see all of my friends. They were all cun-cun melecun. Ngehngeh. Furthermore, morning session school is awesoomeeee. Tak ramai sangat orang and kinda peaceful (hell to the no). Btw, subjek science n maths form 3 bess gilee! Walaupon susah, tapi rasa syiok bila faham betol2. And how was kelas Delima? As usual. Bising like hell. The monitor pon sekepala ngan budak2 lain as well as the assistant monitor. *wumbos* -_-

That is all for today my people ! See ya guys after a week. Adios~
Oh, i forgot to mention u'olls. Actually i cancelled moving to KL a months ago. (which i'm not going to story-mory here)

my face when i saw my old crush.
he was surprisingly cute and attractive. <33

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