Family Gathering


Yesterday, my cousin's family had already went back to KL. I think i'm started to missing them.

So this week on Monday, my family and my cousins went to Mak Long's house for celebrating aunt Linda's 48th birthday. Yeah, it was fun. Before we leave, i decided to record myself playing a piano cover of T-ara's song, Day by Day. I was actually more of making homevideo because Diyanah, Iman and Fifi made noises at the back. Then Nana showed up and i asked her to play SNSD Gee and Miss A I Don't Need A Man. She's soooooo talented. Omg, i'm really jealous of her. 

During the celebration, there were lots of luxurious food on the table. There were homemade carrot cake (baked by mommy), Mak Long's awesome's (ohsem) nasi goreng cina and char kue teow, fruits and sirap bandung (my feberet). The most favorite food of all was Mak Long's ohsem nasi goreng cina. Aku makan banyak sampai kembung perut. Kalau boleh kan, aku nak makan nasi goreng tu satu baldi ! Sedap gila nak mampos u know ! :p

After makan2, kitorang berkumpul at the living room and tengok cerita hantu; The Possession. We watched the movie in darkness. Oh my god memang seram gile cerita tu. Well, actually tak seram sangat. On the certain part je seram. Ngehngeh. 

That's all I wanna post. Adios.

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miss husaini said...

gelinye nk mkn nasi dlm baldi >_<

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