Childhood Memories


On this festive season, my cousins and their family from KL will be coming here. Fun *with priceless face*. Actually i'm not excited for it. It's because.. well..they're all kinda too modern. 

Yes, i know. We all live in a modern era. It's just that i want everything supposed to be when i was younger. I still remember the time when i was 5. When everyone came to opah's house, all of us will plan to do something fun and excited at night. Like decorating a room to make it look as haunted house.. and having a so-called American Idol competition. But we changed it to Opah's Idol. HAHAHA!

But you know what, everything does not last longer. Since everyone started to grow up.. since Abg Jiji and Abg Wan went to America..things just get bored. Like i told you, in this stupid modern life, my cousins just sitting in room and played their iPad or laptop or sophisticated mobile phone. 

I kept trying to be friendly with them ! But they're all just..*sigh*. All they knew is listening to korean songs and talked about THEIR fandoms. And i'm just..there. It's not that i disrespect their fandoms or interest, i just wanna hangout or playing badminton or something. Together. 

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