Pengalaman di Seminar Fokus A


Today was raining cats and dogs and i was wet after i returned home from school even though I wore the silly red polka dot raincoat. Ya Allah, I felt so embarrassed in front of the entire student especially my old crush. He must probably thought like this : "Oh, i've seen this clown before." -_- Dah la masa tu tudung berserabai, and the hoodie of my raincoat did not cover my head so well. Uhh, biarlah. Let this moment be the joke or an experience when I grew older. I don't give a shit of what people are going to mock. Haters gonna hate. ~ :D

Talk about an experience, yesterday I went to Focus A Seminar. I surely had a great time and looking forward to go there again. There were 65 students of my school who joined the seminar. My friends who joined were Kak Una, Mubasyirah and Ameeeeer. The seminar was held at Syuen's Hotel and we went there by bus. Hahaa. Pengalaman di pagi hari ku takkan lupakan. Muba and I sat together in the bus. She made a joke and we talked about stuffs and the dickheads sons of a bleeyp-bloop in our class. 

After an hour, we reached our destination. I thought the number of students was going to be like less than a hundred. But i was wrong. Ramai gile ! RPS, Wira Jaya, Seri Ampang, Bainun (paling ramai), Izzudin, and Pasir Puteh. During the registration it took 2 hours to complete. All of us sat outside while waiting for our turn. And then, we saw something amazing. A car that look exactly like batman's. Semua orang jakun (aku pon). 

my face bila nampak kereta tuh. I don't why i'm so obsessed 
over the car :P

After the registration, we went inside the hall on second floor. Oh mak guard! Besaq gile weiihh! Kitorang duduk kat tengah2. I had to sit beside to a boy from Bainun ._. First speech was Bahasa Melayu. The speech was so freaking awesome !! The lecturer gave us lots of tips and now I feel a little more confident on writting a karangan (i repeat, a little more confident. bukan terus jadi pro). Then the lecturer gave us a useful tips on counting maths. Fuh, bapak sial ohhsem. Then, lepas BM speech sejarah. Ok, masa ni I didn't put too much attention. Honestly, i fell asleep as well as everyone in the hall. 

Lepas lunch-break and solat zohor, the next speech was geografi. Semangat gile semua orang lepas dah isi perut. The lecturer also gave us a useful tips on how to memorize the banjarans and blablabla. After geo, maths. Maths lecture pon bes jgk. The whole hall was chaos and riot bile nk jawab soalan. And lastly, English. Ni pon aku tak tumpukan perhatian. Maybe i was asleep or did something stupid with Muba. Hewhewhew. :3

That's all for the experience i wanna post for today's entry. Maaf jika bahasa memutar belit macam kacang taugeh yg bersepah. Byee !

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