Gong Xi Fa Cai to all chinese people ! 

Oh my godness. I had a hard time this week. Physically and emotionally exhausted. Firstly, on Monday..the school held an event for "mentor-mentee" (don't know how to spell) and i was involved including my friends. Mentor-mentee was about students who get selected by teachers must focus on getting straight A's in PMR. I'm not sure how was my reaction about it..but all i remember is my mom was super crazy excited about it. Then she started giving speeches and it made me feel...worst at everything. -_-

Secondly, on school set up merentas desa drill and i determined to run as fast as hell 'cuz it was the chance for me to lose some weights. But you know actually didn't work the way i expected. Aku berlari seperti itik dan sotong. It was really tiring and dying ! Huhh, after this..i'll just walk because..running is evil. :P

And lastly..on Friday.. my school counselor set up a lectures about Teknik Menjawab Soalan Sejarah PMR. Hmm..i have nothing to say about this. After the lecturing was over, the lecturer lent us a form for more speeches on answering pmr techniques and yadayadayada. 

"Ish Aliah nih. Tak habis2 nak cerita pasal sekolah dia. Story-mory la sikit pasal benda lain."

Takdak benda lain dah.. 

To anyone who read my blog..thank you! Because you is awesomee! :D

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