Happy 15th Birthday, Me


Hello, World. 

6 March. It's my birthday. And it's today. :D Alhamdulillah sebab Allah panjangkan umur aku. I would like to say thanks to my awesome mom for always be there for me, and to my friends that always support me and being crazy and fun. 

So, my mom dah beli hadiah. It is freakingly awesome mini-drawer !  But the hadiah tu cuma permulaan. The real present is Cannon camera (forgot what's the type of the brand) as a gift of my last year's successful grade. And Sufi pon ade belikan aku hadiah jugak. Heheh. Hadiah jus C2 kat koperasi skolah jer. Mekaseh banyak banyak, dudee ! Oh yeah, i also bought myself a gift too (forever alone). It is MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE BOOKMARK. Oooohhhhhh myyyy goooooddddd! It's the best damn present I have!! Well, bookmark tu tempah kt Hidayah and it was kinda worth it ! She made it perfectly. *tears* :')

Itu sahaja entry hari ni. Au revoir !

how I react lepas dapat bookmark MCR. :3

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