Farewell to Cikgu Datin and about de Graduation Day


Hello. Fuhh. I was spinning in a hurricane of work, studies and all those stuffs that made me want to punch myself. But today, luckily I got a few times to update a new post. 

So firstly, i'd like to dedicate this to my science teacher, Cikgu Zabidah (but i prefer to call her cikgu datin). Last Friday my school had an event for cikgu datin's retirement and I felt like we had learned with her like it was yesterday. There were so many emotional feelings that we've been through. And, 2 days before her retirement, we did a 'hugging group' and mase first time I hugged cikgu datin, tears flow through my cheeks. Damn, i've never felt this way before. Ape2 pon, dear cikgu datin, you will always in our heart. We luf u :)

cikgu datin, thank u for teaching us, for loving us, for caring us and for advising us to be nice to other people. We is luf u much!

Gif kat atas tu means fly kiss kitorang dekat cikgu. <3

And..secondly, i want to make an adjustment sikit 'bout my previous post. Not pasal Gee's p.o box thinghy, it's pasal Huseiini's depression. I actually bukannye hating nor envy of her semangat nak belajar. I'm actually proud of her, and also all of my friends, that they have made it to the top for their markah ujian selaras. So the thing is, i want us to be successful in any exams. It means i don't want to compete or rasa dengki between my friends. I just want to feel challenged among us. Probably in this way we will managed to the victory. Akhir kata, i'm sorry pasal post tu. Aku malas nak delete or re-edit the post. Malassss -.-

By da way, i got the Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan form and i'm in pelajar terbaik category as well as my friends :D Alhamdulillah. Moga2 reputation ni kekal selama2nya. I've bought the new camera (which i had mentioned in the other post) and i'm gonna amik gambar banyak2. Wooohooooo!

Bye! behewhewgehwjkewbw *tibe-tibe*



There are few good news I wanna write.
Wait for it.. :) 

First, Gerard Way opens P.O Box for fans!!! hdbfsihfbhsiyeny8srny8fgo !!!!

OMG,OMG !!! Alright, by tomorrow i'm going to discuss about this with Farah :D

Secondly, grade ujian selaras. Alhamdulillah. Syukur la jgk. Tapi aku tak boleh leka. Kena teruskan perjuangan. For your information, Muba seems kinda depressed b'coz of her result. Ini tak boleh jadi! I just hate it when she gets that kind of depression. If she's depressed, that means she'll do whatever it takes to get a better result for the next exam. -_- This is just not acceptable. But whatever la. Good for her and keep it up, bruh. 

And third, their memories we'll carry on! I found gif yg telah cheer kan mood aku. :3 

Ahahah!! Gee and Frank are good entertaining the audience. Can't stop laughing !!! :DDD Comel !

Itu je aku nak cerita. Haih, random gile post ni. Hahaha. 
Oh god. Sekarang dah masuk bulan 4. Cepatnye masa berlalu. And the pmr war is near O.o Ok, April. Be nice to me.