Dat Addiction


Hello, guise! Mid-year exam is done and I finally can spend my days with internet. Mueheheh. But, I still have got 2 big test to go. Trial and the finals. 

Now, aku nak cerita sikit pasal Bring Me The Horizon. Nak tahu tak? They are freaking.. wait for it...AWESOME! oh glob. Now i'm addicted to the band. I've watched so much vids about them. From behind the stage to Oli's tattoos. ^_^ I think I'm started to like them. I've listen few songs from their album called 'Sempiternal'. Best gila album tu! My love to this band is..unexplainable! After PMR, I planned to buy the album. They're so freaking awesome and I hope that diorang buat tour kt Malaysia. <3

Masa aku tengok interview diorang, album 'Sempiternal' tu is all about religion topics, politicians, societies nowadays and addiction. The best interview (the bestest!) was '25 qusetions with BMTH'. Ya Allah!! I love the part when orang tu tanye between movies and books, Oli prefers book. He said: "books are always better" :'D I love reading too,bro. And, between Star Wars and Star Track, he answered, "it's just like..modern dirt". I 100% agree with that, Oli! 

Banyak lagi interview BMTH aku dah tengok. And i've repeated the vids for like many times sebab aku tak faham sgt ape diorang ckp. British accent Oli pekat nak mampos. :p

Here's the video ---> 25 Questions with Bring Me The Horizon

Tu je aku nak post. All about BMTH <3 Btw, comel kan lagu Bulletproof Heart? Here comes dat feels again :(


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