I'm Holding My Last Breath



Semalam tak jadi tengok LOTR 'cuz I fell asleep right after I did my revision. Eheh. I guess it wasn't the end of happiness...aku je yang over the top sangat.

But today, the happiness for our brothers and sisters is OFFICIALLY over because tomorrow is a school day. sobs..sobs...Tak sangka masa berlalu dengan begitu pantas. PMR pun dah nak dekat. )=

Well, before I end this post...I'd like to make an announcement. BMTH made a new music video !!! Weeeee ~

BMTH: Can You Feel My Heart....exclusive! Belum lgi keluar kat Yotube :)

Lepas ni buat pulak video for And The Snakes Start to Sing
It's one of my favourite song =)

Gambar ni pulak khas utk orang yg dapat pergi konsert Linkin Park esok.

instead of shit, i gave u guys a freaking rainbows.

Cerita LOTR Semalam


Yesterday I watched Lord Of The Ring: The Fellowship Of The Ring on RTM.

How I feel after watching it...

It was like...there was no happiness in this world. The same feeling I had when I finished Merlin (even tho baru je tengok 3 episodes).

I had no idea the movie was interesting. I thought it had to do something with nerd's fantasy. But, i was wrong the whooooleee time..my life was built on lies -.-
I got so emotional when Gandalf fell into abyss, when Boromir killed by the crazy Orc, when Fondor cried, when Sam drowned into the river 'cuz he doesn't know how to swim and the moment of romance between Aragorn and Arwen. 

Legolas. This guys is awesome.

Fondor's eyes ._. Fondor and Sam are so cute.

My favourite character.

I laughed and cried at the same time =(

Looking forward to watch 'The Two Towers' tonight.
(Walaupun cerita ni dah lama..tetap jugak nak tengok!)

Perce Thur Vele et Amener Moi Le Horizon


Oh. So i see how it is. Aku ingat blog ni dah kene hack or something. Rupe2nya boleh log in. This is odd.

Anyway, Raya celebration is over and now i'm spinning in the hurricane of homework and studying (student + dying). My mom said lagi 2 months dah nak exam. To me, it felt like 1 month left to the finals. Huhuhu.

hah, yg muke senyum lebar mcm The Joker dri cerita Batman tuh or.. mulut dri kacukan Angelina Jolie...
don't ask me who she is or where'd she came from.
 All i knew 'bout her is that she is AWESOME. eheheh.

In the past few months, i've searched many new things. Macam2 la. And the 'new things' is related to musician, bands and stuff like that. Firstly, Linkin Park is going to be live in Malaysia. OHHHHH MYYYY GLAAABBBB !!!! Arrghh! Stress..stress. Stress 'cuz my mom won't let me go to such concert like that. She's afraid there might be a drunk person or a fight because of their 'drunkness'. This is sucks and I. WANNA. GO. TO. THEIR. CONCERT. SOOOO. BAADDD.

oiiiii...tekan ni: Linkin Park-Living Things Tour

Secondly, I found that a band name Pierce The Veil pon rocckkss jugak. I've listened Hold On Till May, Caraphernelia and King For A Day. Yang lain belum lagi. Tunggu lepas PMR baru nak dengar the whole album- Collide With The Sky. And btw, diorang pun pernah buat gig kat sini. Gahhh !!! I'm noob ! :O

Lastly, remember Bring Me The Horizon? A band that i've always hooked up with and wanted to get it rid out of my mind..? Well, they're still stuck in my head and I couldn't get rid of it. But luckily aku dah tak obses like I used to =)

My cousin said...ehem..fuhh...
he said that...the band...is...going to do a concert here!!! in Malaysia!!!

#runs#screams like a teenage gurl#pulls hair#wanna cry#rolling

:D :D I don't know betul ke tak. He said BMTH will be live on October. 

Dalam banyak2 bulan, bulan 10 jugak kau pilih??? Waktu ni aku PMR :'(( I just hope that they perform at the end of the month. =(

kalau dah pi Australia, singgah la ke Malaysia. 
Buat concert di sini. Can you do that for me,mate?