I'm Holding My Last Breath



Semalam tak jadi tengok LOTR 'cuz I fell asleep right after I did my revision. Eheh. I guess it wasn't the end of happiness...aku je yang over the top sangat.

But today, the happiness for our brothers and sisters is OFFICIALLY over because tomorrow is a school day. sobs..sobs...Tak sangka masa berlalu dengan begitu pantas. PMR pun dah nak dekat. )=

Well, before I end this post...I'd like to make an announcement. BMTH made a new music video !!! Weeeee ~

BMTH: Can You Feel My Heart....exclusive! Belum lgi keluar kat Yotube :)

Lepas ni buat pulak video for And The Snakes Start to Sing
It's one of my favourite song =)

Gambar ni pulak khas utk orang yg dapat pergi konsert Linkin Park esok.

instead of shit, i gave u guys a freaking rainbows.

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