Ghost vs Aliens

Assalamualikum and pagi~..


A few weeks ago, i've watched The Conjuring and the movie was really nerve-wrecking! I hate it for sure. I hate it when the freaking ghost showed-up in an inappropriate time and it almost made me pee in my pants (not literally lulz). 
It took 4 days to recover from my fears. Like, every time  I see dark...that shitz stuck in my sight -.-

The only thing i'm not satisfied 'bout this movie is i thought it was about the doll name Annabelle. But it turns out to be some sorta exorcism and dominic thinghys. Syiok la jugak. The movie was created based on a true story that had happened in 1960's and 70's so setting dia macam "old-school" sikit and I like it. Their style, furniture, props, houses and cars. They even drove that hippie car. 

But the sad thing is the ending of this movie was happy. I want the ending to be like a bloody shit and everyone died and the ghost won. Yeah! 

I love this doll. She seems nice and her smile
and her cheekbones looks exactly like mine. I love it.
I really do. :)

Attack The Block

Aaarrghh! Attack The Block. The most awesome legend..wait for it...dary ever!! Aku suka gila movie ni. Movie ni banyak trash-talk, British accent pekat, and no romance. I love it sooo freakkking demm much! I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. This movie is awesome and i'm looking forward to watch this movie over again :D


Well, PMR dah nak dekat. And probably this would be my last post 'till I finish the exam. Bye! 

BMTH ade buat muzik video baru. Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake. :D

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