The 3-months-late Post


Hi you guys! Hahah. I know it's kinda a bit late (eventually it's too late) to say happy holidays to u'olls. And i know..i usually would post wishes pasal festival2 yg dah lepas. Tapi..biorlerhh.

And.. i know it's also late to cerita experience aku yg dah lepas2 kt sini. Okeyh, macam ni lah..sambil aku cerita how are my holidays going on, sambil tu jugak la aku upload few pictures over here and also the description.

ehem. *pretend i speak with British accent*

All righty then! My holidays..hmm. so far so good lah. I spend most of my time drawing apart from doing chores and helping my grandma in the kitchen. 

Look!!!! I took this pic waktu visiting KL. Ni masa naik kereta api. Graffiti
kt KL bapak shial ohsem, doh.

Korang tengok ni!! Tengok ni !! Gambar ni original taken by me! ME!!! 
Jenjalan dekat downtown terserempak ngn satu kedai. Aku suke gile kedai tu. They played
lagu MCR and Greenday. I got extra stickers sbb aku asyik tersengih kt penjual tu. Hikhik.

But, you know what..somehow my drawings during this holiday sorta doesn't impressed me that much. Selalunya bila at school I would listen variety of stories from my friends and other times there would be a tragedy hit me, I'd use those inspirations and put them in my art. Skrg ni, holidays takde sangat aku cincai2 je melukis.

(u'olls, actually I chilok the ideas from internet. so, aku tak reti sangat nk melukis by using my own ideas. forgive me,love -.-)

Right after I returned from KL, on the next day pi JJ with my besties.
We watched Cody blablabla Meatball 2. :D Kemudian, we ate ice-cream perisa hujan bumbung
parking lot. (ayat muba sape lagi kan) Hahah Love u guyss!

Omg. Waktu cuti sekolah ni pun aku dapat jumpa crush aku. Like, every evening i would be surrounded by my sick,crazy,unhealthy obsession. Sometimes, anxiety pun ade jugak. My stomach will be filled with butterflies  whole zoo animals.

Entah aku tak tahu how to explain this situation. And when that happens, kadang2 i'd talk to myself (as like my friends were here with me). Macam orang gila kot.

Kenangan manis yang tak dpt dilupakan! Aku rindu gila2 field trip ni.
KL-Angkasapuri-Planetarium Negara-bas riuh rendah-BESTT!!

Oh, before I forget..BRING ME THE HORIZON buat concert haritu. Aaaaahhhhh!! ok tu je. Malas la nak story mory kat sini. Just search it on youtube and tengok la sendiri. OLIVER I LOVE YOU DAMN MUCH!

Furthermore, I genuinely LOVE dubstep and electro. Arrgh!  Aku dah lama kenal dubstep and all those stuffs like that. But right after I were introduced Fox Stevenson and Skrillex by Dinie, the beats are freaking addicting! Currently I always listening to Skrillex's whenever I draw or suffer. HikHik.

Lepas field trip to KL, we went to TLDM at Lumut. Best la jugak time ni.
But it'd be more fun kalau rest of the gang ikut sekali..especially 'adik' aku tuh.
Muba, if u see this picture pls kill me first, then kill Dinie for no reason. Eheheh.

Speaking of suffer, now I am suffering huge problems. First, my backbone.. because of too much bending myself. Second, I am getting fat and right now i'm trying to increase my stamina bila dpt I kurengkan my body weight. And third, result PMR. They said result keluar sebelum or selepas Hari Natal. Oh, please milady! Tolonglah keluarkan result dgn cepat. Waiting makes me nerve-wrecking! Semoga kita semua, u'olls semua dapat straight A's. Ameen.

Sambil2 nerve-wrecking tuh, I'm trying to occupy myself on doing good deeds so I won't let myself falling into a bottomless pit of despair and heartbroken. Yeah..i've been thinking too much this lately. I'll try to stay positive!! Woooohhoo~

Lastt! Thadchini owe these pictures. Hah, time ni informal event class 3 Delima 
and Zamrud. Great times. My gang played baling2 water balloons. Lolz. I still kept the video.
Banyak sexual harassment. Hahah!

So, this is it. Gambaq semua dah siap upload. Enjoy! Dah la aku nak masuk tido sebab esok (25/11) aku ade test dekat MRSM at Taiping. Wish me luck,guise. T_T

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