Wow What A Year


"Happy New Year,guys! New Year, New Me! Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh " Shut the fcuk up. Hehehe. I gotta admit. Perangai aku dulu. Hhahaha.

Hell (O) ! Happy 2014. Oh dear. I feel 2013 was like yesterday. Gonna miss all of the precious memories that I possessed :)

I wrote Happy 2014 instead of Happy New Year because one of my friends from FB cakap shame on Muslims who wishes that sebab generally our "new year" dah lepas. Maal Hijrah is our year. So, yeah.

Alrighty then! Most people ade diorang punye so-called new year resolution. But I don't have one 'cuz I've been thinking that I've changed a lot. A lot! Physically, emotionally,..financially. (Ok, not financially sbb harga barang dah naik. Shit) I passed my exams, I think my anger issues pon dah menurun, I made my mom and opah feel worthy for letting me stay here and Bring Me The Horizon had done their tour in Malaysia. 

Additionally, there are also other things I have to improve. Like my crazy jealousy towards other, trash-talk, dirty music I listened, my impatience, body weight, self-esteem, self-confidence and also inattentive in my solat. So, memang banyak benda aku kena improve. And i'll try my best to accomplish it! Weeeeeeeee.

Ya Allah. School starts tomorrow. And I could feel the butterflies in my belly. Entahla. Aku just takut everything is gonna change and I want things stay the way it is. Aku taknak kawan aku pindah. And also aku pun taknak pindah. :(

Before I end the today's entry, aku nak buat list top 10 favourite random things in 2013 :D

2013 highlights top 10 jeng jeng jeng!

-My Chemical Romance
-Bring Me The Horizon
-How I Met Your Mother
-Squid Girl (daisuki!)
-Art of graffiti and streetart. 
-My awesomeness

Recent PMR Result and The Happenings :D

Assalamulaikum :)

Hi guys! Oh dear Allah, I totally had a very a joyful time of my life last weekend. My PMR result went very well and alhamdulillah..I got straight A's. I couldn't believe it as I thought it was a dream. But it wasn't and I couldn't stop smiling on that red letter day. Furthermore, I am so PROUD to all of my friends! They'd achieved an outstanding results. Alhamdulillah :) I'm so happy for them! (Yo, Past Aliah! I did it :D Hehehe )

And you know what, the highlight of the day was...I met my crush! :D Yep, I was drooling as I saw him when I was taking pictures. The smile on his face was soooo...bright (like always) as if there was a heaven under those lips. But he couldn't stay a bit longer so he just..left. *my heart is racing like hell right now* 

Hahaha. Later, Farah's dad brought us to KFC for the after-PMR-result a.k.a hanging out with Muba (chupchap teehee), Dinie and Senin. I thought lepas dah amik result I would just go to my tumblr or post something on FB. On the other hand, it was unexpected!Farah's dad brought us to Gunung Lang afterwards. The view of the lake was breathtaking and the tranquility of the boat riding was unforgettable. /(^o^)\

After all the happening pleasures I had, I started to become more grateful and appreciate to my friends for standing up behalf me and being supportive-ass all these years. Even my family, especially my opah and my mom with their blessing prays. I'll love you always ^3^

A "tribute" for my dad. Dad, you know i've always wanted to say bad stuffs about you. I had been urged to myself to write about your pathetic biography in this blog so the whole world would know how ignorant you are. But I wouldn't do that. You abandoned us. You betrayed us. I wouldn't see you even though you stood 3 inches away from me. But the whole agony I've suffered gave me the strength to push myself further and out of my comfort zone to claim what I want. It's even uglier when I have to put lots pressure upon myself. Pressure apemende nya? Financial crisis, unhealthy emotions, ill influences and also feeling isolated to adapt with the environment. Alhamdulillah, Segala Puji Bagi Allah, god is always with us and everything runs smoothly and it ended well with all the tests He had put on us. Lol, dad. You've lost the huge opportunity of lifetime where all of us growing up. I'm beautiful now, I'm stronger. If this is what Allah have planned for us, i'll take it. If this is what you wanted, so be it. 

Embrace Yourself: Result PMR, (19/12) Khamis ni omg.


Today was a shitty day. This dumbass said something and told my mom what was happening in the house. Then my mom called me and yelled over the phone. I lose my temper so I yelled back towards her. It was the most terrible phone conversation (as much as it  always happen before) 'cuz I spilt every sentences that I've always wanted to say to her. And damn it was worth it.

The point is, one's shitty mouth said something, it ruins my whole day. My whole.. moods,.. hormones,.. minds,...motions.. and whatevs.

I guess this asshole thinks she's being original and she deserves a hug. (I'll wrap my hands around your neck and i'll slit yer throat) BOOM!

Dah, tu je. Siapa asshole itu? Don't ask me.

So, anywayyy. Khamis ni (19/12) is a huge say for the 1998 batch. Aku lettuuww. We are surely going to find out our PMR results and I feel.....empty inside. I don't know..I read my friends' statuses and most of them are terrified. But, aku ni...entah lah. Not saying that I have the confidence. But, aku just bertawakkal and berserah je. 

In addition, I would like to write something to my 'Future Me' after she claims her result. Here we go!

Dear Future Aliah,
Hey there pal ! Before I wish you something, I'd like to say're great, fantastic, awesome,wonderful, beautiful,..but mostly, you're the most strongest person I've ever known. I know reading this is making you frown 'cuz you've been such a baby this year but I guess you deserve all these nobels..from ME! Teehee. You've made to the top and it's enchanted, right? Yeah, alhamdulillah for everything. Oh, and..I have some advice for ya. If you get:

straight A's: Alhamdulillah,bro! Congratulations! But never make yourself complacent 'cuz there is still a long..loongg journey to go. Ilmu takkan habis,man. So go and get it. Study hard and smart and never break your mom's heart,ok! Oh, jangan jadi cocky. Nanti orang taksuka. Be likable. (in panda sort of way. heh)

not straight A's: Alhamdulillah. It's okay,man. Don't give up and keep trying. Probably ada hikmah disebalik yang terjadi. And failing is a step (baby steps) to be a successful person.  Bak kata Einstein "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new". Renung2kan ye..dah2 jangan nangis. Heheh.

Well, the 'Past Aliah' is signing-off. Farewell, future meee..

Dengar tuh..dengar tuh!!

Nasi Ayam and the Legendary Caramel Pudding

"I wish that I could be like the cool kids..'cuz all the cool kids they seem to fit in...I wish that I could be like the cool the cool kids" lalalalalaala

*title post takde kena megena. i takde idea nak letak ape so i titled this as the food that my mom and opah had cooked yesterday.

Konichiwa! Hee. Hai u'olls. Semalam the three stooges datang kat rumah aku for event makan2. Yeahh. We had a wonderful times alright. Played skateboard outside the house along the porch. Then, went to the park (hell yeah right dah mcm tempat skaters lepak) and talked about things...pasal 'adik' aku dah jadi hotstuff, Highland Towers, shitz of 2012 and the sweetnesses of 2013, how would 2014 be like and our future together. 

Dah petang sikit kitorang main waterballoon. Duduk atas skateboard, tolak and then baling balloon tu kt luar pagar. Woohoooo!! Hhahahahah!! Farah paling kelakar. Then after that we went back inside and had our beverages to quench our thirst and talked about our indoor lives and hal2 whatsap 3 Delima. Hahahahah! 

I drew a portrait of them using watercolours. After they headed back home, I went inside my room, turn on my laptop, upload the pictures and draw. Totally had fun watercolouring Cik Senin's baju kurung. Aku noob in using watercolours so tu bukan muka diorang yang sebenar. Teehee.

From left..Paragh, Cik Senin, and budak ketagih Owl City (or shall I say doped hootowl).
Alaiih takde.

Mental Break Time


Hello! Wah~ so much to say in these days. It has been past 3 weeks I haven't post anything after I took the stupid IQ test. Damn, it was freaking hard -.-

Aku nak cerita sikit je for the today's entry. Takmo cerita banyak sangat.

Do you realized i've removed most of my pictures that i'd taken on my last post? Yes. Two reasons why i did that. First, i'm scared. Second, i'm terrified. Right after Muba sent to me about those thingys with that thinghys (susoh nak explain), I feel harmed and being watched ._. I took this matter seriously.

And I'm fear that someone out there...1 over 7 billion people in this rotating world...must have kept the images that I owed in his/her laptop and i'm afraid it would fall into a wrong hand. 

Sorry. I'm such a mess. Here's the thingys that Muba had sent to me.

Ok, i wanna marry my bed. Sebelum tidor bace doa. Mohon perlindungan dari Allah.

I'm so scared. Tak sangka ada manusia bernafsu binatang. :'( Kejam lah.

Gerard way got so sassy he fell down. Love you,gee.