Embrace Yourself: Result PMR, (19/12) Khamis ni omg.


Today was a shitty day. This dumbass said something and told my mom what was happening in the house. Then my mom called me and yelled over the phone. I lose my temper so I yelled back towards her. It was the most terrible phone conversation (as much as it  always happen before) 'cuz I spilt every sentences that I've always wanted to say to her. And damn it was worth it.

The point is, one's shitty mouth said something, it ruins my whole day. My whole.. moods,.. hormones,.. minds,...motions.. and whatevs.

I guess this asshole thinks she's being original and she deserves a hug. (I'll wrap my hands around your neck and i'll slit yer throat) BOOM!

Dah, tu je. Siapa asshole itu? Don't ask me.

So, anywayyy. Khamis ni (19/12) is a huge say for the 1998 batch. Aku lettuuww. We are surely going to find out our PMR results and I feel.....empty inside. I don't know..I read my friends' statuses and most of them are terrified. But, aku ni...entah lah. Not saying that I have the confidence. But, aku just bertawakkal and berserah je. 

In addition, I would like to write something to my 'Future Me' after she claims her result. Here we go!

Dear Future Aliah,
Hey there pal ! Before I wish you something, I'd like to say that..you're great, fantastic, awesome,wonderful, beautiful,..but mostly, you're the most strongest person I've ever known. I know reading this is making you frown 'cuz you've been such a baby this year but I guess you deserve all these nobels..from ME! Teehee. You've made to the top and it's enchanted, right? Yeah, alhamdulillah for everything. Oh, and..I have some advice for ya. If you get:

straight A's: Alhamdulillah,bro! Congratulations! But never make yourself complacent 'cuz there is still a long..loongg journey to go. Ilmu takkan habis,man. So go and get it. Study hard and smart and never break your mom's heart,ok! Oh, jangan jadi cocky. Nanti orang taksuka. Be likable. (in panda sort of way. heh)

not straight A's: Alhamdulillah. It's okay,man. Don't give up and keep trying. Probably ada hikmah disebalik yang terjadi. And failing is a step (baby steps) to be a successful person.  Bak kata Einstein "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new". Renung2kan ye..dah2 jangan nangis. Heheh.

Well, the 'Past Aliah' is signing-off. Farewell, future meee..

Dengar tuh..dengar tuh!!

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