Mental Break Time


Hello! Wah~ so much to say in these days. It has been past 3 weeks I haven't post anything after I took the stupid IQ test. Damn, it was freaking hard -.-

Aku nak cerita sikit je for the today's entry. Takmo cerita banyak sangat.

Do you realized i've removed most of my pictures that i'd taken on my last post? Yes. Two reasons why i did that. First, i'm scared. Second, i'm terrified. Right after Muba sent to me about those thingys with that thinghys (susoh nak explain), I feel harmed and being watched ._. I took this matter seriously.

And I'm fear that someone out there...1 over 7 billion people in this rotating world...must have kept the images that I owed in his/her laptop and i'm afraid it would fall into a wrong hand. 

Sorry. I'm such a mess. Here's the thingys that Muba had sent to me.

Ok, i wanna marry my bed. Sebelum tidor bace doa. Mohon perlindungan dari Allah.

I'm so scared. Tak sangka ada manusia bernafsu binatang. :'( Kejam lah.

Gerard way got so sassy he fell down. Love you,gee.

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