Nasi Ayam and the Legendary Caramel Pudding

"I wish that I could be like the cool kids..'cuz all the cool kids they seem to fit in...I wish that I could be like the cool the cool kids" lalalalalaala

*title post takde kena megena. i takde idea nak letak ape so i titled this as the food that my mom and opah had cooked yesterday.

Konichiwa! Hee. Hai u'olls. Semalam the three stooges datang kat rumah aku for event makan2. Yeahh. We had a wonderful times alright. Played skateboard outside the house along the porch. Then, went to the park (hell yeah right dah mcm tempat skaters lepak) and talked about things...pasal 'adik' aku dah jadi hotstuff, Highland Towers, shitz of 2012 and the sweetnesses of 2013, how would 2014 be like and our future together. 

Dah petang sikit kitorang main waterballoon. Duduk atas skateboard, tolak and then baling balloon tu kt luar pagar. Woohoooo!! Hhahahahah!! Farah paling kelakar. Then after that we went back inside and had our beverages to quench our thirst and talked about our indoor lives and hal2 whatsap 3 Delima. Hahahahah! 

I drew a portrait of them using watercolours. After they headed back home, I went inside my room, turn on my laptop, upload the pictures and draw. Totally had fun watercolouring Cik Senin's baju kurung. Aku noob in using watercolours so tu bukan muka diorang yang sebenar. Teehee.

From left..Paragh, Cik Senin, and budak ketagih Owl City (or shall I say doped hootowl).
Alaiih takde.

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wooohhhhooooooo...muka budak ketagih owl city tuh mcm jadi je

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