Aku Budak Bio. Ow Yes!


Elllooooooooooo. Today was the first day of school omg now i'm unofficially 16 years old (besday lambat lagi). Everything went great today but the only thing that makes me sad was Sufi isn't my partner anymore. She had been there for me, backing me up for 3 years but now...dia masuk kelas 4SA. Aku 4ST. Aku tak sangka kau tinggalkan aku Sufi. Kau tak sayangkan aku ke? Without you, i'm nothing. Eyh ceh ceh ceh..

I knew it. Things won't stay the way it should be. Uhhh. I even hardly meet my crush. Last year I could see him 10 times a day. But this year...he took the "invention" stream (kelas reka cipta) and I only saw him during recess. HE.WAS.GORGEOUS. Tapi biarlah. I think it's the best for me to get rid of him out of my mine 'cuz I want this silent obsession to be over with so I could easily focus on my studies. You have no idea. Science stream is even tougher than I thought.

Speaking about science stream, hari ni ade la belajar sikit2. And I also met a few teachers. Mr Lee is my class teacher and tadi aku dah chop tempat. (Oh,yes. Guess what I sat beside Dinie this year) Tapi Mr Lee said tempat duduk kitorang chop tu is for temporary. Oh mai god sir. Seriously dude? So I ran across the the balcony and almost hit two innocent girls over a sit that has a fan above it for nothing? -.- 

Okay, back to the basic. So today I've we've learnt  new stuffs. Bm, Chemist, Add Maths, Sej. To me, the only subject that could turn me into a hardcore lazy-ass is Bm. Sebab i'm really not interested in Bm actually. But you know what, miracle happened. I started to like it a little 'cuz cikgu yang ajar kitorang is soooo sweeeettt.

Tapi apa2 pon, the point is that I must study hard and study smart starting from now. The priority of my goal for these 2 whole years of 2014 and 2015 is to pass every subject that I learn with flying colours and to determine to get all straight A+ in SPM. Plus, aku kena jugak rajin bertanya. Biarla orang kata "she annoys me" or "uh,sibuk la dia ni" but at least aku annoying bertempat jugak. I'll try to ask questions as many as possible so I could seek their wisdom. Every human makes mistake and that includes me. Even though PMR straight As doesn't mean I'm a smart-ass. I'm fragile and broken. So the only thing that I could survive in this rascally world is with education. InsyaAllah.

Plus, I must start learning to be grateful. Bersyukur apa yang ada. (walaupun semua harga barang sekarang naik mendadak. Shit)

Nanti I will post more. Ada "drama" between me and my mom lepas balik sekolah tadi. Oh gos oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. Besides that, i'll try to cram all the occasions in one post. Pasal "adik" aku, former 3 Delima students *sobs sobs*, and also nak post satu gambar aku yang hodoh.


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