Dog Days Are Not Over


Top of the morning, fellas. Yes, it's almost 5 a.m and lagi berapa jam sekolah nak mula. Saturday school, by the way. Great taste of coffee sat right next the laptop and tons of unfinished homework are still on the dining table. As usual, blogging first then homeworks! Today I feel like wanna post something even though i'm lacking of life's experience in these days.

Ok, let's get starting. 

Had a wonderful time for the past few weeks. Merentas desa drill, my 'bro' had join the ST's family, i'm getting closer with my friends and I see my crush everyday. Nevertheless, every perfect moment has their own flaws. Dinie had her worse feeling 'cuz she'd hang up on people's comment and judgement about her, and she and Muba got humiliated in front of senpai(s) with their struggled vocabs and I also had the flaw moments too. 

I sucks at addmaths, I sucks at educating people, I sucks at being a normal human, I sucks in giving advice to people, and I sucks at controlling my jealousy (thus, this is the kind of form of feelings towards my crush as it blooms every single time I saw him talking with other girls who are rather more attractive than me)  . But ya know what, sucking at something is the first step in being good at something. 

Furthermore, MARA is killing me! Yes, I have sign-up for a boarding school in Taiping but the result is too goddamn slow like an ass. Dah la syllabus kat sini pun slow. I'm afraid if I passed within the result, I have to desperately catch up with their syllabus and that would ruin the whole reason why I need to further my studies there. Dear MARA, if you don't wanna take me as your student or don't wanna waste your good precious scholarships to someone like me so please just speed up the whole process and just send an email or a letter so I could stop worrying about my education 'cuz you don't know how much I struggled here. You mofo assclown.

Dah, stop whining.

Ain't whining, it's just that...i need this offer. Kalau tak dapat pun bagitau je la so at least I would prepare for a tuition or something.

Before I go further, there's something important I wanna tell here. MCR.
My Chemical Romance. One of my beloved people. My soul. My everything. 
They had announced that they are making a tribute upon their break-ups. It's an album called "May Death Never Stop You". *sobs..sobs. I want it. I need it. I miss them so much. Aku harap album ni jual kat Malaysia. 

K, that is all about today. Hmm. I guess I'd never lacking of experience about life after all. Here's a list. Yups, a list. Don't know an appropriate title for this list. So, yeah. A list. :

-Make some fine, good, privilege of art. Draw or play piano with a new song.
-Read some fine books. Currently, i'm reading "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. 
-Be nice and compassion with others.
-Eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and study-smart.
-Remember Allah. ALWAYS remember Him in the times of grace and descend. Be grateful. ALWAYS.

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