Let's Go Get.........Ice-Cream :/


Konichiwa! Yesterday was the second day of school and I still felt weird of not having Sufi as my seatmate. Still, I'm happy Dinie is beside me and she has been helping me a lot. Lebiu,man :*

So, about the "drama" I'm going to talk about..well, am not gonna post about it. 'Cuz it was so stupid. My stupidity, my selfishnesses, my dirty mouth and everything that I owed made my bond between one-of-my-favourite-people destroyed. Sekarang ni I don't know what to do. My mind is messed up right now.

Kids, all I want to say is..don't you ever drag about politics and about your financial crisis in your dining table (masa makan). EVER. Especially dengan asshole yang tak habis2 nak diri dia menang. Yes, it's the same asshole yang aku post haritu. 'Cuz you know why? Sorry to say this but our country's politicians are dickheads. Nobody likes dickheads. They're dickheads and still have shitloads of voters and supporters and all of them have.....*krik krik* *krok krok*

Ok, aku malas nak berpolitik kat sini. I don't want it to be carried away cuz if I did, that would make me one of them. Dah dah. Kids, apa2 pun kita kena bersyukur sekarang ni. Biarlah harga barang naik mendadak, (yeah mom tolong baca ni let us learn to be grateful and be more thrifty) but yang paling penting sekali is our piety to Allah. Tu je. Banyakkan bersabar and rezeki ada di mana2. InsyaAllah.

Uhh. Mulut berbisa.. badan, hati,otak,minda,hormon,otot,rambut,kaki,tangan,telinga,bulu binasa.

K bye. Oh, pasal benda lain yang aku nak post tu satgi ah. Susah nak cram segala2nya kat sini. ><

Gebu la Gerard Way ni :*

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