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Hello my kingdom! Oh my, memang dah lama gila I tak bukak belog ni. The reasons are 1) Two months wifi takde kat rumah opah ni. 2) Wifi dah pasang lama dah..tapi entah la. Ever since ada android, several times I turn on my laptop.

So, where to start?

Lemme see. Hmm. School was kinda fine I guess. But Thilo had moved to GR and I was so heartbroken. Not just her, former classmates of 3 Delima also had moved on with each of their lives. Husna, Thad, Ameer, Zul, Haris :( I'm guessing things wouldn't stay the way you want. Sure you could claim to the past, but other times you just have to let it go ;_; However, yesterday they had a reunion. I didn't join though, but I was glad and happy to see all of them reunited together :)

What else..hmm..Oh, cerita pasal crush pulak. Lolz. Good news! whenever I see my bestfriend berkepit with my crush, that jeaoulsy feelings has vanished. Yeay! How do Aliah Izzati overcome with it because setahu aku Aliah Izzati would storm off and lock herself in room and kept asking herself "WHY HER?" then right after that draw an art generated by tragedy? Well, I have my own secret weapon. 

I was Barney Stinson.

Think Allah and people surrounding you. I love my bestfriend more than anything and I will not let any guy be the barrier of our friendship. :) I love you, girl. Love you more than anything and thank you for always loving me and your affection is still firm despite I might be an asshole for sometimes. 

Plus, last week (2 weeks ago i dunno) the citizens of SMKRS were sitting for an exam. Especially for form 4. The exam was brutally challenging yet arduous task for us as we are still noobs in this whole new year. However, alhamdulillah. My results weren't quite much sophisticated but I will try harder. Better. To make it stronger. 

And that's my story for today. Now, back to reality. So here I am stuck in my chamber with craploads of homeworks and still making up my mind nak procrastinate atau tidak. T_T shitloads of homwek..nyah la mung dari siniiiii. I benci uolls ;_; 

Bila nak keluar cerita ni?? Lama bebeno nak menunggu. I ada dgr cerita John Green nak buat Paper Towns the movie. Biar betull :O Green, kalau movie tu nak keluar please let me know first sebab i tak habis lagi baca novel tu :o

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