Selamat Bulan Puasa !

Assalamualaikum !

I'm sottyyyyyyyy for haven't updating any posts, bloggy :( I love you so much but I'm too lazy to get up and reach you sebab I asyik layan android and there are like too much stuffs going on in my life. I'll never leave you again I swear ^3^

Happy Ramadan, eberyone ! I hope we are able to celebrate this year's Ramadan with full of blessings Insyaalllah.

I would like to tell you guys how are my life's improvement, enhancement and deterioration. (cehhh i've been practicing big words with Lady Pharaoh and I think i'm getting along with it :D) But since dah beberapa bulan aku tak bukak belog ni, I'll post photos about old occasions and stuffs like that and description underneath it. My principle: Anything happens, kena jugak cerita pasal benda yang lepas. I don't why, but I'm just a sceptical, fancy girl who loves to clinging on her past and cried about it then put herself in a bad mood. :/

1)Hari Muka Berglitter-glitter

Hahahaha serious weihh. Setiap tahun dapat je hadiah muka mesti berglitter.
Sebab diorang bubuh banyak sangat glitter kt hadiah tuh that's why :p

2)The Day Of Our Stars

The day I pulled my hair off and fangirling plus screaming with a high-pitched voice
sebab TFIOS dah keluar....dekat USA. Malaysia lambat lagi :( 31st of July baru start but sokay, 
ape2 pon, I'm looking forward to it !!

3)Geng Merah visited Kuala Lumpur

 stuffs I bought during The Red trip. Berus tu was a gift from Bao Yee. <3

Oh gosh! Hari paling best dan balik dalam kesedihan :') We visited Kraf Tangan Malaysia, Muzium Seni and also KLCC. Oh what a fun day we had!

And that was also the day I won't forget how I felt over my crush; seeing him with his red t-shirt and being overly crazy and adorable waktu dekat KLCC and i loved the way he was. 

4)One-sided Expectation

26th of June 2014, 4.45 pm sharp. I found out my crush is in love with someone else.
I cried like hell and it was stupid for liking him and crying over someone who doesn't give a damn 
on you. He barely knows me so why should I bother him right? Keep moving on cuz you still have John Green. 

So, the alternative way for me to get rid off him was I read Looking For Alaska and drowned myself in my own world where he is not existed. Thank you John Green for making me feel beautiful every night.

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