Bercuti sebelum SPM

Krik krik belog ni dah  berhabuk.

Asalamualaikum, love
My school holiday seemed pretty okay. Well, I had a tuition for the first 2 weeks of school break. Stress duh. Tapi berbaloi. And also, I went to Kuala Lumpur and stayed at mom's apartment for a week. I thought I was putting myself in hell when I decided to go there. But then bila dah balik Ipoh, I started to miss the vibes.

I hate staying there because I used to be the monster of all sluts and it hurts by reminiscing back all those days. Somehow, the vibes were much cooler. The scent of mom's house grew stronger. The noise of the squeaking gates and door reminds me about both of my parent's fight. The smell of acid rain. The hectic-ness in night time. And macam2 lagi lah. Looking forward to go there again tapi taknak duduk rumah mama. Heh.

and I'm sort of proud of myself ! Siblings and I went to Time Square and it was official...all of us stood our fears and take the risk of riding the mother of all devils-ROLLERCOASTER, DIZZY IZZY AND DNA MIXER. Menggigil tangan lepas naik rollercoaster, and I could feel my barf nak dekat2 sampai kt kerongkong -…-

Ride yg paling aku benci sekali was the DIZZY IZZY ya allah aku sumpah aku takkan naik dah benda tu ! I could see my future when the first time I took that ride. I thought i was gonna die or the 'final destination' scene would take off. Seram gila nak mampuih and I felt almost crying and almost rip my ribcage off T_T

The day after that mom pergi kerja. Dad took us to see Atok (tak pernah jumpa atok ever since the divorce) and it literally shattered my heart when Atok cried. It was our first met since five years tak jumpa tak contact.  He hugged us and cried as much as he could. I will never forget that moment :'(

Lastly, we went to Alamanda which is located at Putrajaya. The mall wasn't so sophisticated much but it was okay I guess. The view was awesome. Lagi2 masjid besi ngn masjid putrajaya. Bila bila aku dah ada duit aku nak explore more about putrajaya. 

Okay, that's the end of my holiday. I wish I could tell more about it but ugh malas. I think there'll be new entry cuz there are lots of things I wanna discuss here. Farewell , my kingdom !

Bought these jems at a store which literally named as Typo. Location: KLCC Suria 

My childhood was incredible ! Still remember my childhood friends and their shennanigans. Kau hado ? :D

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