Emotionless Robot Being Emotional


Damn last week was truthfully the saddest week in the history of the sad week. Well firstly I thought we've got enough school break but then out of the blue the government announced that we still have a week off due to the floods that happened in east cost. Despite, that's the second thing that made me sad. The flood victim. Ya Allah I couldn't imagine if that happens here :(

And third, I went to Dinie's house on Saturday planned to do some addmaths revision (i'm so proud of her that she did manage to answer some few questions about differentiation omg really she did it). After an hour and a half studies, we watched an old English movie (not so old, they screened the movie in 2001) and OMG I'VE NEVER BEEN SO EMOTIONAL LIKE UGHH THANKS A LOT ITCH-B YOU MADE MY DAY WORST. like seriously, the movie was incredibly brilliant. The whole scene, the locations, altitude, props and attire...they were all gorgeous and exactly looked like those back in 1800. I freaking love the movie so much ! Aku maleihh nak cerita plot movie tu. The title is called "Nicholas Nickleby". The movie was inspired by a novel "Nicholas Nickleby" which was written by the infamous Charles Dickens back in 1800. It was tremendous, genius, heart-blooming, staccato !! Damn everyone, by I mean everyone, the whole nation should watch the movie. wsjnhdjwnijwdikn i cant ugh hElp 

enko tengok ayat dia *_*

After I got home, I continued the 'Wonder' fiction. Wonder fiction had knuckled my heart and liver and hormones into pieces of fragments ages ago. But there were this chapter when Auggie, the main character who went his very first school trip and my reaction to that part was like "yep, he's so dead. No Auggie Doogie don't go". Okey, part ni la buat aku emotional gila2. No, I'm not gonna mention any of it. Y'ALL SHOULD CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BUY THAT FICTION. MAN, JUST GO BUY IT. I think everyone in this whole universe, don't care if you're a worm or a belly-button, should read it. Goddamn seriously because it really changed my whole perspective towards my indication of my questions towards my inheritance. Like, why am I ugly or why can't I inherit my mom's and dad's flawless-ness. 

Okey. Kalau aku dah habis baca novel tu, i'll write down my review here. And warning, be prepare for my annoying-ness and stupid feelings. 

Bye T T

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