'Wonder' fiction. Unspecific Review, Forgive Me


*sighs violently* huuuuuuuhhhhhhgghhhhhgggghhhh

School will be started by tomorrow. And that means there are still 9 hours left for me to think weather shall I procrastinate or just hanging around and stare at the walls, which seems to be more 'fun' than ironing my school uniform. Ugghhhhhhhhghghhghghhhhh I love school, really. It's just that aku malas nak jumpa orang. Like, I wanna go to school just to learn and gain freaking knowledge and do experiments. Not fundamentally meeting with fake ass people. uuuggggghhhhhuuughhhhhh

Alright. In my previous post I've made my promise that I'll be writing my reviews and express my opinion towards the 'Wonder' fiction. Okeyh! Bismillah..

'Wonder' by R.J Palacio
Wonder fiction is the most amazing novel that i've ever read ! Well yeah my other novel collections are pretty awesome too but novel ni...has changed my perspective of my point of view towards my, and other people's imperfections as well. Every plot in every chapter had never get rid off my craves on what is going to happen next in the next chapter (k ayat pening sorry). It's like blending myself into bottomless pit of anger, fears, happiness, the act of grateful, sacrifices and everything. Sorry for not being specific 'cuz I really don't know how to explain this. Tapi, lepas aku baca buku ni I've never felt so grateful of what had Allah gave me. I feel as if the oceans of my pure ridiculous thoughts have washed away by the tides of confidence. And there's nothing more beautiful than having the courage. In other meaning, I love myself even more.

Walaupun aku ni hodoh, tak selawa macam mama and not as macho as daddy, at least I have the simple pleasure like being talented (ceh), a braniac, and being surrounded by people that I loved. Same goes with Auggie. Muka dia cacat. People call him an ogre and a freak. But at the end of the novel, he's surrounded by his loved ones. 

I'm done and tired of giving a damn about what people think about my looks, my personality and how madafaka I could be. I don't wanna give a single fcuk to them sebab spesies2 centu mana pernah kenal aku mendalam. Mana pernah tahu cmmne aku hidup. They're judgemental nak mampus. Lain la if you're my siblings or relatives cuz at least I could consider that lol.

So the conclusion is, be more open-minded and sometimes you just gotta go and look forward of what life puts you into. A deep shit, happiness, or whatever. Just cherish every moment of it as you encounter all those things and insyaAllah, if you keep looking at the bright side, you'll be okay (and mentally stable tu yang penting). 

Gednight uolls xoxo. Selamat bersekolah.

last night aku study and sambil tu pasang radio.
Banyak la jugak diorang my lagu classic rock at tracks.fm. Pastu keluar lagu MCR-Sing.
Right after the song finished, I went into my room then I just cried. Disappointed. Thank you,MCR.

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