Dedication Post for The Delinquent


Erhamagawd. I've never felt so healthier and so refreshing in my life ! (lolz lepas ni mesti energy shutdown balik hmm) My school organized a road run and it was unbelievable that I got 24th place in top 30. O_o I didn't expect that ! Sebab aku jog nak kuruskan badan xD Thank god Sarah exist ! Really. She's the one who built up my spirit to run. Ohmygod waktu lari tadi she promised she would meet me at the second checkpoint tapi takda pun heuheu. Dia lagi power. Dapat nombor 16 even though I'm slightly taller than her :3

Anyway. School has been good I guess. Yeah. And lagi beberapa minggu nak exam and also the Penang trip ! Looking forward to go to dat place. The nation of sick art for sick people. Also, I've made an early plans and goals since tinggal lagi beberapa bulan je nak SPM T_T My goal is to achieve an A for physics, chemistry and also addmaths. The other subjects are important too but I assume these 3 hardcore/metalcore subjects are my priority. Sebab nak masuk matrix and insyaAllah cos engineering kot. I'm super struggling right now. HOTS question for addmaths nak buat aku nangeh but every difficulties ada problem solving dia. Sama jugak macam life aku yang tak pernah perfect ha ha.

Plus, i'm making an acquaintance with Nazreen. A guy from 5km1 and he's the coolest, friendliest jack ass that i've ever met. We have so much in common, sorta. We used to study in the same elementary school which is SKPI. And he's a computer wiz. He knows how to programming website, creating html and hacking :D Dia ada buat html untuk aku. So kawaii I kennot laaa xD 

Being friends with him made me blush all the time and aku taktahu kenapa. Things I like about him is 1)he's kind and pleasant. Yeah dia memang problematic and delinquent but as you get to know him, dia baik ! A nice delinquent guy. 2)he's cute. I am fond of staring at his adorable face and honestly waktu the very first time aku kenal dia, I thought he was a chinese xD 3)not a judgmental much. Dia layan semua kawan aku equally. And I never knew a nerd could make an acquaintance with a delinquent guy after all. First time dia tegur  I felt kinda shy because i'm super geek and unattractive and he's super cool and very attractive (which is an endless impossible combination) Tapi dah lama2 tu, dia okey. 

I'm too lazy to tell him that this is actually a dedication post I wrote for him. He made a html for meh so yeah this is post is a payback. Lantak ah pandai2 dia bukak belog ni heuheuheu :3 Ape2 pun Nazreen, I hope you're doing well in your studies and not dragging your ass into any fights anymore. I know sometimes violence is the answer but you gotta handle the situations wisely,ok. And note to yourself, kau pun pandai and I hope your wishes and dreams as an anime-addict came true :D

dalam hati ada taman en. En en en