Floria Festival 2015 :D


Olllooo everyone ! I'm currently at Putrajaya and I had lots of enjoyment for the past 2 days. Ya Allah, i'm so grateful for all the pleasures and leisure that I've possessed. Seriously, I couldn't describe my happiness in the form of words ohgosh ohgosh. But let the pictures and moments describe them :3

Day 1: Flower Attack

Our first day of Floria Festival was during the evening. Memang tempat tu ramai gila crowd ! Tapi tak sesak pun, but i love seeing the family came. Diorang bawak atuk nenek and they look cute sitting on the wheelchair, just like my Opah eheheh. Our first location we headed was Spring and Winter Garden. Oh My Glab !! Aunt Linda has such a great idea on elaborating for summer and winter flowers. They were all stunning, macam aunt Linda :3 (Aunt Linda is my aunt and she's the head director for the fest btw) 

Tempat dia macam educational sikit. They had two seperated rooms which each one of them will show you specific information about winter and spring season. My favourite room was the winter garden. The finale of the show was the room started snowing..WITH REAL ICE AGAGAGAGAGGA! When the ice melts they seem kinda a bubbly soap and that's how it looks on top of everyone's head hahahaha.

After the shows over, we had our dinner nearby the Putrajaya lakeside. It was marvellous, sebab location dekat2 dengan Putrajaya bridge. I felt like a fat dwarf and amazed by the mighty piece of architecture danngggg rasa dah macam duduk dekat Chicago teeeheeeeehe *.*

After dinner Diyanah and I wandering around the place. Ade fire performance and a group of tradition band entertaining all of the people there. The atmosphere was delightful, semua orang sporting kt sane and they didn't mind at all seeing me joget macam babun.^^

Wonderland// The Land Of Oo. Sejuk je rasa bila duduk 
atas gigantic gumball

Then kitorang pergi satu tempat ni apetah nama dia. They sold many art and crafts and honestly it was my favourite place of all heheh.

Flower craft competition. Flower and art enthusiast
from all parts of the world <3


Bila pergi Floria waktu malam tak nampak sangat bunga2 dia semua. Tapi kalau pergi waktu pepagi...:'') It looks like paradise. Macam taman syurga eceeeehh. They categorized the flowers and gardens with certain state, artists and country. Ada Taman Melaka, Taman Terengganu..the best part was...The Hobitton pun ada ! egeggeghhsuhsksdl Wandering around with my dearest venture enthusiast mon cherri was joyful :) Plus, the cold climate rasa macam jenjalan dekat luar negara.

Behind the scene of The Maze Runner

Hi, we visited Ireland.

Salam from Chicago

Then we flew to UK visiting orang tua Hobbit

not necessarily excited with yo existance, go away

Overall, 3 days away from the sick fcuking town gives me the spirit to restart my daily living routine. And also, this experience made me realize to appreciate the simple pleasure of every existance. It was fun. Peer pressure takde. Takpayah pikir pasal sekolah (ade la sikit2 tu hehehe). Takpayah pikir pasal crush yang perangai mcm bastard tu. Takde pikir pasal kawan2 aku yang fake namati and many more :) oh i wish i could stay here and be on my own world as long as i could, but i can't get away from the tight grip of reality and that's sucks. But that's okay tho. Lagi setahun je TTwTT

I'll post and update some more. Nak pergi breakfast jap. Later xoxoxo :*

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