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Well harini aku saje nak post about random stuffs here 'cuz I got nothing else to do. Plus, im tryna to clear off the cobwebs in my mind after berserabut study addmaths topic differentiation. K, nak nanges jap T.T

Ah, after studying addmaths tadi saje la nak baca novel yang Eima baru bagi kt aku entitled "Bau Semangat Anak Muda". Dear Nami Cobb Nobbler, you have my full salution cuz your novel gives me the inspiration to have more deep admiration towards grunge, punk rock and old school music. And also, i learnt lots of new satanists word but in a good-mannered form kehkehekekeekehekh

Hah, masa tengah syok baca novel tu..(i was listening to radio at the same time) tetiba tracks fm main lagu MCR-I Dont Love You. Habis hilang mood aku sekarang ni. Like, reminiscing back to the good old stuffs that had once brought the best of you, and then those people became memories. Tbh, even though I've been introduced my own self to harcore music this lately and dah lupakan band2 yg lama, MCR still makes me feel like home. Dah lama dah aku tinggal music diorang sebenarnya, tapi entahla. Bila terdengar je lagu band tu, or when someone mentions about them, I became fragile and sorrowful. Rindu.

im grateful for the little infinities that you have gave
thank you :')

Hahahah I should've write a post about raya, tapi malasla aku. Yeah, my heart was shattered and delighted at the same time during the first of Syawal. I was shattered 'cuz Ramadhan was over, dah takde pergi terawih, dah takde suara imam n bilal yg aku suka tu, dah takde jumpa makcik2 and budak2 kt masjid, setan dah kena lepas, bau tandas lelaki kt sekolah pun bau mcm setan sebab dah sebulan diorang tak merokok dalam tandas, diri aku ni dah susah nak stayback kt sekolah alasan sebab lapar dahaga and all that, and ketenangan jiwa tu makin lenyap. Oh, i even had a huge fight with my mom during the first raya (and this, i hate to talk about it cuz i absolutely dont wanna give a single damn bout it anymore). And yeah, i was delighted because of the joy and happiness of seeing nasi impit, kuah lontong, opah's super duper chicken curry and kuih raya magically appeared on dining table at 7.30 in the morning :)

Oh, lupa nak bagitau. Bring Me The Horizon dah keluar album baru, "That's The Spirit". Ohmygod i remembered how my reaction was, i was like "OMFG THIS THIS THIS THIS!!!! ERHAMGAWDDD !!!" i was screaming till my lungs out like a seal giving birth to a farm equipment (k XD). Em but then, right after i read their interviews from all over the websites...rasa macam...k this is not what i expected..................Their genre sorta doesn't represent what it should be; metalcore, hardcore, metal. Their new album sorta more to rock, i guess (?). Mula2 tu rasa excited gila bila dengar "The Happy Song", but it turned out to be different. Haiihh damn aku ni memang emotional tak bertempat. Pasal lagu pun nak pikir memanjang T.T Tbh, i prefer their old albums..The Suicide Season, There Is A Hell Believe Me Ive Ate Seen it and Sempiternal. K lagi la rasa nak nanges skrg ni. 

But that's okay tho, cuz my queen Hannah Pixie and Oliver Sykes had finally tying their knot <3 They both are covered with vividly colourful tattoos, animal lover, vegetarians, have an extending affection towars humanity and have the same belief; athiest. Ohmygod ohmygod #relationship goals <3


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