My Kind Of Friday Night

Assalamualaikum waddhup..

Ayy lama tak bukak blog ni hahah. Rindu nak cakap sensorang and that's why im here. Plus, i had adding some weirdly new desires in my wishlist and also had changed another new playlist. Oh dear the song is really breathtaking and yeah, it's a soundtrack from a soul-stirring movie that i just recently watched. "Begin Again". Seriously this movie made me feel mesmerized by all the thoughts about being in relationships heheh

That man is brilliant. The movie is firing. And i am igniting, like a 4th of July. I wish i had someone who understands the little pleasures about life and you know, have that kind of wanderlust spirit. Willing to show me around the world and wouldn't care less about the future. Time stood still but both of minds are in the midst of venturing. Omg *_*

Besides this movie, I also watched a couple of other action movies such as The Guest and 22 Jump Street. Oh i wish opah had installed the recording box thingy so that i could watch them over and over ! 

i wish licking you wuz legal em abam hawt 

Hahaha it's hilarious of thinking that how could i managed to survive without a handphone XD ? My handphone died month ago so i could access my twitter and tumblr through this laptop once for a while because schools and studies. Dah tak bergayut lama2 macam dulu and yeah im doing just fine. But my eyes are getting worse ! And the haze make it even more deteriorate amg. Well pasrah je la TTvTT

Hm ape lagi nak cerita. Oh esok form 5 students will be attending to a dinner night party and im not going. Malas gila do. Dah la you have to meet the same people from the same school pulak tu. I wanna meet new people, new cultures and new perspective ! Just like the friendly people i met from Tempatan Fest and the ACS students. Lain la kalau dinner night tu utk 5ST je cuz it'd be much more fun hanging out with your favs rather than those jerks from the other classes.

Plus im too lazy to get dressed and be pretty and id rather stay at home, be ugly which im happy with it and enjoy good movies and documentaries yeahh. Lagipun esok mama balik so i decided to meet her.

i wish i could crawl inside that cell and be with u, u hot piece of ass

Oh. SPM lagi seminggu. Hm taknak la cakap panjang lebar nanti kang stress hahah. I'll just do my best and leave the rest to Allah wru wruu :))

And lepas SPM macam2 gila plan aku nak buat. Wuuu. Okay we'll get to that part later, fams. Probably this would be the last entry for this month. InsyaAllah nanti lepas SPM i will update this blog non stop for 24/7 heheh jk. (maybe i will)

Later mates xoxox