Addicted to a Memory


it's 5 in the morning. Niat nak belajar, tapi tak belajar2 jugak. 

The mosquitoes are hovering around me in such numbers that tiny noise of their rubbing wings sounded cacophonous.

And the mix of feelings of nostalgia and missing someone grew stronger inside me.

Memories of our last day of school were still vivid.

Indeed, one of the most distinctive features was...the smiles carved on each of everyone's faces. Burst laughing joyfully without bothering anyone else.

It's really painful, recalling back throughout the journey god had put me in, never really thought that these people would bring so much meaningful in this life. 

I'm losing my insanity trying to get over this. Getting depressed for almost 3 days.

but im fucking thankful for everything. The new people that i came across in every part of my life and some people that i loss during in the search of my identity and that's okay.

"i wish photographs were physical spaces, like tunnels;
that you could crawl inside them and go back"

And sometimes, it's not the person you miss. 
It's the feelings and moments you had with them.

You gave me a forever within the numbered days and im grateful. Thank you.

Pierce The Veil is my guilty pleasures :>

i love u and the others moreeee


ok saje nak singgah sini jap. The other day when i opened my blogger's website tetiba keluar iklan Knor Sup Ayam KEJADAH ?? DAFUQ HAHAHAHAHAHAH

f^ndek diorang ni nak advertise iklan agak2 la sikit. well pasni kalau keluar iklan lagi kena refresh baru boleh dengar lagu dia hahaha fyou ads

And yea, it took me an hour to get this new shitty playlist done eeeeeppppp!

ok ptv is my new guilty pleasures really ! I am mesmerized by Vic Fuentes's voice AAAAAAAAAHH. I am having a mental breakdown in these days. Bukan sebab SPM ke ape. It's just that...i'm gonna miss all the school's memory possessions. I didnt expect that the last day of school would become so...momentous and significant :') yup it sure was. Tbh, when i feel down and out i always pretend that Vic is singing to me ohmygod *.* 

Then i decided to seek for ptv's Collide With The Sky. I think it's beautiful and im freaking addicting to it. Is it bad if i refer Vic Fuentes as bae :3 yeah i know im a new fan here but can we all just get along and enjoy the wonderful music they produced ? 

And as my mind is healing from bullshits, i've came across with new musics. Old-school, jazz, undergrounds, nu-metal, post-hardcore and many more. Lepas spm nanti nak download lagu bebanyak lah.

and in my opinion, ptv made this version out of bruno's song is a thousand times waaayyyyy better ! Vic's voice is beautiful ya Allah hELp. I'll slit yo throat if yo fcuking disagree with it :))))

Adios, fams. Nanti bila spm habis i'll tell you more about the great time my friends and I had ok *sobs

hannah is lucky to hve u :>